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Bespoke training to meet your needs


Waterside and HLTA training


Waterside is honoured to be asked by the Royal Borough of Greenwich to host the HLTA conference for 2018.


We have a full day planned of new and tested methodologies for handling behavioural situations and how to engage super heroes who may find mainstream classes too stressful to manage.


The day will be fun and they even get to go home with resources - FREE OF CHARGE!


Click on the flyer attached to find out more and to book.

Waterside and NQT training


Waterside provides bespoke training for all the NQT's (primary and secondary) across the borough. We help with all aspects of classroom management, placement of 'interesting' pupils and how to support a wide variety of situations.


Check out the Royal Borough of Greenwich website for further information and how to book.

Waterside to St Mary Magdalene

April 2018


It was a real pleasure to be invited into St Mary's for a training session for both primary sites. The staff were interactive and enjoyed the challenges set.


We looked through behavioural management policies, strategies, tips and tools for dealing with interesting behaviours.


We hope this will be a start of a brilliant partnership between both schools.

Waterside to Meridian

March 2018


Waterside went to work with the TA's and teaching staff at Meridian to help them with their behavioural management as well as go through some tips and tools on how to support some 'interesting behaviour'.


We hope that they found the sessions useful!

Waterside to Middle Park

January 2018


Waterside are working with Middle Park on a whole school strategy for helping with both distressing and challenging behaviours.


We will be working through strategies, tips and helpful methods as well as ensuring that both policy and rewards are linked well.

Waterside to Invicta

December 2017


Waterside provided 2 weeks of twilight INSET for our friends at Invicta on both classroom and playground behaviours.


We worked through strategies and policies as well as giving out some handy tips to help when dealing with some challenging behaviour.

Waterside to Cherry Orchard, Windrush and Thorntree

September 2017


Waterside has been booked to lead on a de-escalation training session for the TA's across all three schools before the Autumn Term starts.


This will cover how to de-escalate, empower choices and learn about the 'script' to regain control. 


It is a fun 4 hour session, with a lot of audience participation...we hope that they will enjoy it!


The three head teachers have booked this course from prior experience with Waterside training for their teaching staff and want to embody the 'whole school' approach by ensuring all levels of their teams are trained.

Waterside to Margaret Clitherow

July 2017


Following a request from the headteacher, Waterside went to support staff with a super hero that was finding school difficult.


It has been agreed that the school will undertake full Waterside De-escalation training in the Autumn term, to empower them in supporting distressing behaviours.

Waterside to Sherington

May 2017


Like Gallions Mount, Waterside was asked to provide two separate sessions for staff on de-escalation, behavioural mangement, policy and techniques.


The sessions were tailored to meet specific requirements of the school and the reports since the meetings have demonstrated that the team were able to take on board the strategies and reduce their behavioural issues across phases.

Waterside with Moatbridge

May 2017


Moatbridge wanted to mirror some of the successful processes that Waterside has embedded. The SLT visited the school to work with staff on our de-brief and scoring processes, which have since been implemented into their daily routine.

Waterside to Gallions Mount

March 2017


Waterside were asked to provide 2 sessions of training - one for teaching staff and one for TA staff.


The sessions covered behavioural management, expectation, policy, handling and dealing with distressing behaviours.


This session was repeated in April 2017.

Waterside to Montbelle

March 2017


Some of the Waterside team led de-escalation and Circle Time training for the school staff. This has had a positive impact on behaviours and well-being.

Waterside to Abby Wood Nursery

February 2017


Waterside led a whole staff INSET on behavioural management techniques in the EYFS. The staff covered behavioural policy, management and de-escalation.

Waterside with Brooklands

January 2017


We have supported Brooklands with behavioural management strategies in order to support their staff when dealing with some distressing behaviours.

Alex McCloed

 January 2017


Waterside are proud to be working with the Alex McCloed Team, who have identified training areas for both Teaching and TA staff.


They are receiving a three pronged version - a teaching staff INSET led by Waterside's Head Teacher, a training session for TA's and Playground supervisiors and a follow up of teaching by the Head Teacher within two classes - with a clear emphasis on behavioural management.


We will be supporting the school with some new ideas on behavioural management and helping them set their own non-negotiables.


If you would like us to come and deliver bespoke training sessions, then contact Meic at the school for further information.

Windrush Primary

December 2016


Waterside are proud to be working with the Windrush Team, who have identified some key areas for training.


They are receiving a two pronged version - a whole staff INSET led by Waterside's Head Teacher and a follow up of teaching by the Head Teacher within two classes - with a clear emphasis on behavioural management. We will be supporting the school with some new ideas on behavioural management and helping them set their own non-negotiables.


If you would like us to come and deliver bespoke training sessions, then contact Meic at the school for further information.

Alex McCloed Primary

November 2016


Waterside are working with the team at Alex Mc. in improving behaviour and understanding on how to support pupils who are finding mainstream school overwhelming.


The training is being split into three distinct sections - whole school twilight on the basics of behavioural management ; individual in-class support for class teachers & TA's and advanced understanding of behavioural communication and positive re-inforcement.


If you are looking for something similar, then please contact Meic via the contact box and we can work together on a programme tailored to your schools needs.

Montbelle Primary

November 2016


Montbelle Primary will be receiving two levels of input as part of their behavioural training - the first is an introduction to behavioural management techniques and how to deal with low lying disruption, whilst the second sees the leadership at Waterside, modelling behavioural techniques in classes.


Our training covers not only basic behavioural management, but can be tailored to meet your schools needs and that of your pupils. Please contact us for further information.

Wyborne Primary

September 2016


Waterside will be presenting and workshopping with staff at Wyborne, effective techniques to de-escalate and improve behaviours across all phases.


The course has been tailored to meet the needs of the school and the challenges it faces.

If you are interested in finding out more, then please contact Meic at Waterside for further details