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The children all really enjoyed our animation topic. They have asked for the details about the software we used. Below are links that if you want to download the software you can.


Pivot Animator this creates an electronic style flip book


FluxTime Studio to create moving pictures.


Jellycam this is what we used to create the stop motion animations. you can use plasticine like we did and create a background or it has a function of using webcam to take images.


All of these are free to download but please read information they provide about adding software to you computer. 

Stop Motion Animation

Still image for this video
We have been looking at animation in class and created our own Stop Motion animation like they use in Wallace and Gromit. This video is called A man and his dog and was created by Afolabi, Mia and Liam.

Stop Motion Animation

Still image for this video
In class we have been looking at animation and we created our own stop motion animation like in Wallace and Gromit. This video is called Hug Motion and was created by Rickell and Freddie

Mrs Olive and Mia's Birthday cake decorated by the children

Young Voices 2016

Young Voices 2016 1
Young Voices 2016 2
Young Voices 2016 3

Who will make the cut?


This half term in Avengers we have been looking at The Tudors. The children are really enjoying this and finding out all about the Tudor family. The children have been shocked with Henry VIII for having two wives beheaded.

Let's see if the Avengers can make the cut this term. We will be looking at the monarchs, what it was like in Tudor Britain as well as Macbeth by William Shakespeare.



Please remember to complete and return the slip with £10 for the trip to Hampton Court Palace on Tuesday 2nd February 2016. Once we know how many children are coming I can confirm details. This will be an amazing experience, I know Mrs Olive, Mr Griffiths and myself are really excited.

Sex and Relationship Education 


We have been having Sex & Relationship Education within our PSHE and Science curriculum this term. These lessons are very much geared to each year group level so please don’t worry. It is the aim of the Government and the Local Authority to ensure that children are well versed with this area of their education. It is felt, through evidence, that those children who have a greater understanding can make better choices for their future.


If you would like to view/discuss anything regarding these lessons please do not hesitate to contact me. as we have year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children I have included what will be covered at each stage. All children will take part in the years relevant to them.


Year 3

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know some differences and similarities between males and females and name male and female body parts using agreed words
  • Identify different types of touch that people like and do not like, understand personal space and talk about ways of dealing with unwanted touch
  • Understand that all families are different and have different family members and identify who to go to for help and support


Year 4

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the main stages of the human lifecycle and describe the body changes that happen when a child grows up
  • Discuss male and female body parts using agreed words and know some of the changes which happen to the body during puberty
  • Know about the physical and emotional changes that happen in puberty and understand that children change into adults so that they are able to reproduce


Year 5

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the main physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty and ask questions about puberty with confidence
  • Understand how puberty affects the reproductive organs and describe how to manage physical and emotional changes
  • Explain how to stay clean during puberty, describe how emotions change during puberty and know how to get help and support during puberty


Year 6

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe how and why the body changes during puberty in preparation for reproduction and talk about puberty and reproduction with confidence
  • Discuss different types of adult relationships with confidence and know what form of touching is appropriate
  • Describe the decisions that have to be made before having a baby and know some basic facts about pregnancy and conception
  • To have considered when it is appropriate to share personal/private information in a relationship and to know how and where to get support if an online relationship goes wrong

Welcome to Avengers!


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