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Monday 27th January 2020.

The terrible two have been caught, thanks to our wanted posters!

We have created our own superheroes and they have saved our fictional towns from certain destruction.

What will our next adventure be?

Today, Monday 25th November 2019, a terrible crime occurred in Blake class. A huge mess was made and some things went missing from our art cupboard!

We used our best detective skills to investigate the crime scene and used our imagination to predict who did it, why and how they might be stopped!

Today is Super Villains Day and somebody has caused mischief in Blake class! Can our superheroes use their dectective and teamwork skills to catch the bad-guy?

Today we applied what we have been learning about human digestion to animals. We took a range of animals and sorted them by what they eat whilst using scientific vocabulary (carnivore, herbivore and omnivore).

Yesterday was World Mental Health day and to consider its importance Blake class did a very interesting activity.

We imagined that a jug was our brain. We added stones to the jug and said that they represented things in our life that make us feel safe, secure, relaxed and calm. Things like family, friends and school were mentioned.

Next we privately wrote our worries and things that cause us problems on pieces of paper. These we screwed up into balls and added them to our jug (brain).

We noticed how even though our problems can sometimes cover our securities and happiness and make them difficult to see, deep down they are still there inside of us!

Quentin Blake

Mr Macey and Mrs Bignell


Mr Macey and Mrs Bignell are Blake class for 2019-20, but who is Quentin Blake?

Why is he a British Super Hero? Over the coming weeks, Mr Macey and Mrs Bignell will explore Blake's life and career and you will understand why he is a super hero!