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We monitor our curriculum, so that we can offer a holistic, child centred approach to learning. We offer a bespoke curriculum for each pupil, based on their academic and emotional need, with therapies such as play, music as well as cognitive behavioural to help them improve their conduct and ability to learn.


We sometimes have to start from a lower attainment base for some of our super heroes, as they may have been absent from school for some time. We use a variety of diagnostic methods and phonics including our own phonetic intervention and Reading Wise for accelerated reading attainment.

Our new curriculum has:


  • differentiated challenges to stretch and motivate our super heroes
  • is an inclusive curriculum - empowering every super hero to succeed
  • a drive to promote independent skills 
  • ensured that our super heroes have a wide range of skills to enable them to succeed on return to mainstream school
  • excited and enthused our super heroes to develop their skills in a wide variety of situations.
  • a mainstream ethos modelled on the NAHT curriculum
  • assessment strategies linked to our FROG tracking system.


We use some schemes for music and computing - which you are more than welcome to come and see.

Play Therapy Works!

Although this video is based on the American model, it does give you an insight into the importance of play therapy when working with SEMH pupils. At Waterside SEMH, we will be using our own in-house trained Play Therapist to support pupils with their behaviours.

When Meds Fail: A Case for Music Therapy: Tim Ringgold at TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon

Can there truly be an intersection in life where one can fulfill a lifelong passion and contribute to others' happiness? Tim Ringgold proves that you can indeed. In his riveting talk, viewers are invited to witness how our old, common friend called Music can truly be a transformational bridge to many divides.

Dough Disco

We use Dough Disco (as part of our Super Hero Power Pack) to help with concentration and de-escalation.