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Mrs Edwards and Mr Walter


Welcome to the nest!


The nest is where you visit if things have gone a little bit wobbly in your school.


Mrs Edwards and Mr Walter will work with you and your super hero (in training), to ensure that they have education from the 6th day of the exclusion.


Whilst with us, they will work on their English and Mathematics, as well as some topic work, cookery, IT and very importantly, their emotional responses to day to day issues.


We hope we can help you and your super hero return to their school asap.


‚ÄčAs part of Inspire you heart with art day the superhero's in nest completed some art work in the style of Kandinsky.

The superhero's in nest enjoy cookery sessions

Maths in nest - the superhero's use a variety of resources to help them with their maths.

In ‚Äčnest we enjoy reading

Spread the Happiness Days. We have made a ship in a bottle and enjoyed eating a croissant.