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Welcome to Peake


Miss Stone and Mr Walter


Why Peake?

We have chosen to name our classes this year in honour of real life, British super heroes.

Peake is named after Tim Peake CMG - a world famous astronaut whose work has helped science move forward within the 21st Century.

June 2017

This week the class have been looking at persuasive writing and have been exploring adverts! They have really enjoyed this topic and have created their TV adverts with a partner!!!! 


January 2017

Chinese New Year

The superheroes designed and then made Chinese style chicken subs. They safely used their DT skills from last term and they worked independently. Well done!

January 2017

In Maths we have been learning about money. The Class had the opportunity to visit the local shop and spend some money- making sure they could work out their change too!

December 2016 Italian Pizza.

December 2016 Italian Pizza. 1
December 2016 Italian Pizza. 2
December 2016 Italian Pizza. 3
The superheroes had been finding out about where the Romans had come from, so we made Italian pizza because pizza also originates from that area. The children were able to work almost independently and they made lovely comments about each others efforts. Bravo!

December 2016

Roman Day December 2016

To end our Topic on the Romans Peake Class were lucky enough to visit the British Museum and also had our very own Roman Day.

Peake Class really enjoyed their Roman Day. The class fully embraced this special day, full of lots of Roman Activities and finished off with a battle and a 'Roman Feast'. They class ate their hand made Roman bread, Roman Stew and even door mice!!!!!!

Children In Need Autumn 2016

Superhero Day!!

November 2016

Peake Class have been learning all about the Romans this half term and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Roman Mosaics too. They have been busy making Roman Mosaics out of different mediums; pencil, paints, collage and even clay with glass tiles! We have also just completed our whole class Mosaic. The boys designed it all themselves and the final piece incorporated aspects of all of their individual designs....



English- We have been enjoying our BOOK- 'Romans on the Rampage' by Jeremy Strong and learning some Latin words along the way! We have also been exploring other books by Jeremy Strong too!!! We have also been learning about Roman Myths and writing our own too!


In PE, Peake Class have been learning all about Tennis Skills and beating their own Personal Bests with how many rally's they can do each time!


In Science this half term we have been exploring Electricity and making our own circuits. W have been helping Mr Grinling from the book- 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' to light the bulb in the lighthouse, blow away the sea mist with fans and alert for danger with buzzers!!!



October 2016 D&T: Forts

October 2016 D&T: Forts 1
October 2016 D&T: Forts 2
October 2016 D&T: Forts 3
The superheroes fort (thought!) this DT was fun!

September 2016 D&T: Healthy Sandwiches.

September 2016 D&T: Healthy Sandwiches. 1
September 2016 D&T: Healthy Sandwiches. 2
September 2016 D&T: Healthy Sandwiches. 3
September 2016 D&T: Healthy Sandwiches. 4
September 2016 D&T: Healthy Sandwiches. 5
Team Peake used sharp knives for the first time to make some healthy sandwiches. They listened and copied the skills / instructions really well to remain safe. I think they enjoyed the experience of being trusted with essential everyday tools which must be treated with respect. Well done boys!
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