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Physical Education 2018

PE is a very important subject at Waterside it gives the children the chance to express themselves practically.  It supports many other areas for young people to achieve both academically and socially.

Students are actively encouraged work on activities they find challenging, working with others and taking on a role other than a performer.

As a school we follow the national curriculum and the key areas for students to develop whilst incorporating cross curricular activities and highlighting British Values.  Waterside School is keen to give its children every opportunity to access the very best in PE and sport both on and off site.



During the first term of the year in PE we have looked at invasion games such as Football, Basketball and Dodgeball.  This year we have incorporated diverse sports to become more inclusive such as wheelchair basketball and rugby.





This term students have been working really hard with accurate replication in gymnastics.  All students attempted a variety of balances, jumps, roll, and ways of travelling across the floor and equipment.  This involved a variety of skills and creating a routine which was filmed so students could complete self and peer assessment.
Since half term we have moved onto multi sports and fitness activities.  This has been working to improve our physical literacy and general fitness skills.  It also helps coordination and motor skills.