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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.
Sports Premium Allocation 2020-21£16260

We have employed a sports specialist to cover both our internal and external sports provision for pupils right across all our provisions.

This includes specific sports interventions, use of the climbing wall to aid with de-escalation and the creation of sports leagues and clubs to help develop the social skills of our pupils.


The work designed is to support:

  • a reduction in our pupils anxieties linked to sport
  • increase the amount of physical activity in a wider range of sports 
  • increase participation in a number of out of school activities including sporting leagues with mainstream schools
  • development of innovative therapies using PE - including climbing, to support our pupils mental health and physical development
  • the swimming ability of our pupils (who have missed out on lessons due to COVID restrictions) and ensure we meet the requirements of our pupils being able to swim at least 25m in a variety of strokes and develop the ability to self rescue.


This work is being monitored closely and we will produce data to show the impact as the term progresses.


Sports Premium Allocation 2019-20 £500


We continue to use our Sports Funding to ensure that our pupils have access to high quality PE - currently led by our PE specialist and Head of School and supported by our All Kid's Can team.


Staff are receiving regular CPD to ensure that they have the skills to improve and develop the physical skills of our pupils.


Pupils take part in a variety of sporting activities outside of the school curriculum and these are supported, in part, by the above funding.

PE Sports Funding 2018-19


We use our Sports Funding to ensure that our pupils have access to high quality PE - currently led by our PE specialist and Deputy Headteacher and supported by our All Kid's Can team.


Staff are receiving regular CPD to ensure that they have the skills to improve and develop the physical skills of our pupils.


We have instigated a 'disability awareness' scheme - where our super heroes are using sports wheelchairs as part of their sessions, to develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as an awareness of sport from a different perspective. 

PE and Sports Funding 2017-18


 This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – will be allocated to primary school head teachers.


We are delighted to be able to use the approximate £9473 sport premium funding to support the development of P.E and school sport in the following ways.


  • Employing a specialist teacher of Physical Education.
  • Improving staff professional learning to increase subject knowledge and confidence in P.E teaching for both teachers and teaching assistants
  • Employing expert advice to evaluate the school’s current provision strengths and areas for development


Our overall aim is to raise standards in P.E and school sport increasing participation and opportunities offered to our children. We aim to provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all.

PE & Sports Grant Funding for 2016/17 (provisional) £4,743


Following on from the success of last years playground implementation and the subsequent employment of a PE specialist as Assistant Head, we have begun to work with a new sports group, who have greater expertise in sports / play therapy.


We will be receiving input on all play spaces, 5 times per week - empowering our pupils to use their behavioural management skills across a variety of activities with trained coaches, whilst our trained staff are free to either play indoor games, quieter activities or monitor pupils who may have incurred a consequence for behaviours earlier in the day.


The total cost for the year for the above is £10,400 - so the short fall of £5,657 will be found from delegated funding or other streams as we believe that this work will have a major impact on the way our super heroes return to class, their self esteem and ability to accept both failure and success.

PE & Sports Grant 2015-16 Allocation £3,385


From discussion with staff & governing body, we felt we would use our funding to develop a level of sports therapy for playground activities.


For SEBD pupils, playtimes are heightened times - where there is less structure and where memories of unsuccessful playtimes can be re-lived.


We employed ex SEBD pupils who work within a sporting charity to lead activities and become positive role models for our pupils.


The funding - which covered the majority of the cost but not all, enabled school to look at playtime provision as another way of improving behaviour, releasing staff to either deal with incidents when they arose or to play other activities with pupils who did not want to join in group activities.


This work led to a reduction in incidents across all playtimes and empowered pupils to return from unstructured times to classroom activities with less anxiety.

Outcomes from Funding 2014-15


Employing a specialist PE Teacher:


  • Participation rose by 40% with the majority of pupils engaging in a structured lesson each week. Pupils were able to develop both social and physical skills and demonstrate their talents for dance, gymnastics or competitive sports.
  • Use of sports coaches and mentors to work with pupils during break times to improve conduct and participation in a variety of sports. This has increased conduct compliance across all playtimes - with any disruption kept to a minimum (see incident sheets).


Improving Staff CPD in PE


  • All staff attend PE sessions to observe and take part in PE activities. This has empowered staff to take own sessions both inside and out and improved weekly availability of PE sessions.
  • Staff have received CPD in managing a variety of sports and conduct behaviours and are beginning to feel confident in providing the necessary skills.


Expert Advice to Evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Governing Body have received reports regarding any CPD or resourcing issues following the audit and these will be acted upon during the course of 2015-16.