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#Spread The Happiness Accredited School

We are proud to be a Spread The Happiness School! 


Our mission, is to ensure that everyone who comes to Waterside and everyone who comes into contact with our super heroes, feels supported, happy and has fun!


If you make someone happy, why not tweet us @watersidesebd and use the hash tag #spreadthehappiness.


If you would like to become a Spread The Happiness School, contact us and we will help you with training.

The Spread The Happiness Awards Scheme

Turn the work you do to make your school a happier place to learn into official recognition. Get support, guidance and materials to make a real difference to the well being of your pupils, school and community. Music by Tiny Tweeties

Are you ready for some positive gossip?

Are you ready for some positive gossip? 1

Mood Boosts - Maintaining Happiness Through The Day

Over the course of the day, negative events affect our mood. Here's a simple way to protect yourself with just a watch or phone alarm.

Happiness Tip: Beware the Snot Monsters!

Some things we can't control and one of those is that by the end of week two, we all have the lurgy. You can't stop it happening, but there are some things you can do to help survive it better.

Happiness Tip - Magic Wand Therapy

Anita demonstrates magic wand therapy, as she helps Mark get some persepctive on his Story Spoons problem.