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Why don't you click/tap here and use your Film Club login to help Mr G. order films for school as well as writing reviews about the films we've seen?


You may even win a prize for the best review!

Here are the 'My Mum' stories as promised. The Thunderbirds are blessed to have such great parents! 

Have a look at our super attempts at designing and making free standing objects. Our straw chairs probably need to be made out of stronger materials if Mr Singh wants to sit on them! Perhaps they need to be a little larger as well?

Welcome to Thunderbirds!



Our DT unit for this term has been about photo frames and free standing objects.

We learnt about designing, making and evaluating our photo frames. Have a look at us in action. Please tune in again to see how we how we get on.

We have been studying Vincent Van Gogh.

Here is some art in the style of Vincent.

My Dad


This term we are learning about comparatives and we are going to make a book called 'My Mummy' based on the book 'My Dad' by Anthony Browne.

Big Ideas for the classroom: Growth Mindset - Episode 1/5

Episode 1: A Secret about the Brain In this five episode video series on Growth Mindset, two monsters named Mojo and Katie explore the different aspects of growth mindset so that teachers and students everywhere can learn about it together in their classrooms! This series has been developed by ClassDojo in collaboration with Stanford University's PERTS lab.