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Tadpole’s Promise

Summer 2


This half term in Nurture we are keeping busy. We have just started our new English topic 'A Tadpole's Promise'. The children really enjoyed our watery 'hook' and have made promises that they are trying to keep. We are going to be writing simple explanations, creating thought and speech bubbles and working towards writing our own version of the story.


Our topic is 'The Weather', we will be thinking about different  weather and how it affects people across the world in various ways. We are continuing to look at Islam in RE and our PE lessons are based around athletics. 


As ever, please do contact Mr Walter or myself if you would like more information or if you would need to talk. 


Ms Ryan

Summer 1 in Nurture


This half term in Nurture we are focusing on the book 'Rosie Revere Engineer', as a hook for the book, we spent time creating our own draw bridges. We will be developing our understanding of noun phrases and learning about the difference between questions, exclamations and statements. 


In math's we continue to work at our own pace on various topics, these include place vale, short division, subtracting by counting back and position. 


We are also having great fun learning about the seasons and seasonal change in Science. 





Red Nose Day & Kyle’s Birthday


We had a great day celebrating RND and Kyle’s 6th birthday. Lots of cake in the sunshine followed by party games. What a great way to end the week!

Red Nose Day in Nurture

We had great fun on World Book Day! The children enjoyed listening to Ms Ryan & Mr Walter's favourite stories, 'Peace at Last' & 'Mrs Vickers Knickers' were very popular.


We had a book scavenger hunt where the children had to search through books to find characters and objects, it was pretty tricky, but we found almost everything. We also packed a suitcase for the boy and the penguin from our class story, we had to choose sensible (and some not so sensible) things for our trip. To finish the day, we built an igloo for our penguin, we had great fun building it although I am not sure that poor Ruth, our cleaner, was quite as excited!



We have begun this half term looking at the book 'Lost & Found' by Oliver Jeffers. It tells the story of a boy who finds a penguin on his doorstep. The boy decides the penguin must be lost and tries to return him. But no one seems to be missing a penguin. So the boy decides to take the penguin home himself, and they set out in his row boat on a journey to the South Pole. When they get there, the boy discovers that maybe home wasn’t what the penguin was looking for after all.


The children will be making penguin fact files, as well as writing their own version of the story. We will be having a big focus on letter formation and really thinking our ideas through before writing. For World Book Day, the children are going to use their problem solving skills to build an igloo for our penguin. We will also be having a book scavenger hunt which I am sure the boys will thoroughly enjoy!

Nathan was super excited about the snow. He wanted to know how quickly something would freeze outside. He placed a mixture of solutions outside and checked them at regular intervals. He and Mr Walter made predictions. Check out his findings...

Gosh, the first week of February already - What has been happening in Nurture this week?


It has been yet another busy week. We have just finished our work on The Bear & Piano. The children have really enjoyed the text. In school, this has been delivered in a completely different way, using a serious of videos alongside normal teaching. Mr WAlter and I have been really impressed with the quality of work that has been produced. The boys have continued to learn about Hinduism, this week focusing on the Puja tray and it’s significance to Hindu’s, Ryan made a beautiful tray at home.  We have just finished our work learning to use quite complex algorithms to manoeuvre the Beebots around an obstacle course, it was lots of fun. 

Wow - Where did that week go?


Another week has flown by in Nurture. The children in school have been working hard. We have continued our work on the book 'The Bear and the Piano'. The bear travelled to the city and has been performing concerts in a beautiful theatre. The children wrote piano key poems, thinking about using interesting noun phrases. Kyle took such great care with his handwriting. Some of our work was tweeted to the Literacy Tree and we even got a reply!


Some of our home learners have also been working hard. They have been looking at the same text and have been thinking about how the bear felt once he was in the city. Ryan and Orin produced some great thought bubble pieces.


In other work, we have continued to learn about animal habitats, working out which animals live in particular habitats and why. In RE we have learnt about Brahman and how it is in everything. we have also had lots of fun doing our PE workouts. 







Assessment Week in Nurture


We have been working really hard on all of our assessments, our hard work has paid off!


We also started our topic, 'The Bear & the Piano'. We have been learning about contracted verbs, these are words like I've, shouldn't and couldn't. We used these words to write a letter in order to help the bear. 


In addition, we started some of our topics, we all enjoyed learning about the characteristics of living things, MRS NERG, made it a lots easier to remember. 


Ryan & Orrin have been working really hard at home and have been producing some excellent work in English & Maths!

Welcome back, Mr Walter & I hope that you had a good 'different' Christmas break. This half term is going to look very different for us in Nurture. Many of you are home learning, but whether you are at home or at school, you will be studying the same topics.


Our new English topic follows the story of  'The Bear & the Piano'. In the first week, we will follow the bear as he discovers a mysterious object! In Science we are beginning a new topic on 'Habitats', learning about the characteristics of living things and different habitats e.g deserts, rain forests and cities. We are going to continue to focus on Hinduism in RE , learning about Hinduism within a family home. Alongside this, we will be thinking about our dreams and goals in PSHE and will be learning to touch type in Computing. 


As ever, please feel free to contact us via the office or on the Google Stream if you need anything.



We have been busy in Nurture this week. The ‘hook’ for our new book ‘ The Great Fire of London’ was baking. We made some tasty brown bread rolls as well as fairy cakes. The boys assured me that they tasted delicious!


We also started a new science unit in which we are learning about the properties of everyday materials. We designed an experiment to investigate which balls bounce highest and learnt that it is all about elasticity. 

Another fantastic week in Nurture. Today we had a celebration as part of our RE unit, we thought about our mental health. The children enjoyed our celebration food, guided meditation and calm music. We have also had great fun in English, following in our characters footsteps to become scientists!

What has been happening in Nurture this week?

Numberblocks are a great way to help develop your child's early number skills.

Assessment Week


This week was assessment week. We sometimes find this challenging so Mr Walter and Ms Ryan made sure that we got to do lots of fun activities as well. 

We have been really busy in Nurture this week, check out our photos!

Welcome back! Mr Walter and I are excited about the coming year in Nurture. We have really missed those that are returning to us and are looking forward to getting to know our new superheroes.


This half term we are going to be looking at the book 'Iggy Peck, Architect' written by Andrea Beaty. It tells the story of Iggy who has been building fabulous creations since he was two. His parents are proud of their son, though sometimes surprised by some of Iggy's more inventive creations (like the tower he built out of used nappies). 


The children will be creating fact files using labelling and captions. They will also be making character comparisons which will include both thought and speech bubbles. 


In maths, children will be comparing numbers using their place-value knowledge and they will go back through number bonds. They will be exploring numbers to see patterns within 100. We will also look at addition and subtraction using number bond diagrams as well as the standard column method. 


Across the wider curriculum, we will be exploring materials and their properties. The children will create their own scientific investigations and will discover which materials  are waterproof, absorbent, mouldable etc. We also be making comparisons between our local area and Kodiak, a small town in Alaska. The children will be learning about internet safety in computing and we will learn about celebrations across the world in R.E. 


Within our PHSE sessions, our focus will be 'Being me in the World', the children will be making their own personal goals and thinking about creating the right environment to learn within. We will also be looking at mental health and will practice yoga and mindfulness each week. 


As you can see, a busy start to the new year for our superheroes.


Please feel free to contact either myself or Mr Walter via Parentmail or the office if you would like any further information or need to speak with us.


Ms Ryan