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Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.

Data for 2020


Due to the pandemic, we are unable (as in line with every school in England and as directed by the Secretary of State) to publish any data for those years. New data will be reported in 2021/22, however, in line with current guidance, please find below our data as published by the Secretary of State for previous years.



We are more than happy to provide current progress scores to parents of children on roll as well as to those Government Agencies that request it through the usual channels.

End of Key Stage Two Data 2019


Pupil English Reading English Grammar Mathematics
1 80 A N
2 103 103 102
3 B 86 89
4 84 94 88
5 97 91 97
6 93 92 94
7 N 83 80
8 N 82 84
9 99 89 98
10 U 100 106
11 100 106 93


Our super heroes have arrived from a variety of schools, some having been out of school between 18-23 months prior to arrival at Waterside. Some of the super heroes above have been with us for under 6 months prior to the tests.


Our moderation was validated as accurate and highly praised by the external moderators.


ALL of our super heroes have exceeded their baselines and predicted outcomes this year and as you can see, some have exceeded national expectation across the board and some have come really, really close to doing too!


This is EXCEPTIONAL work!  Well done EVERYONE!


The work you have done is PHENOMENAL ... truly a super hero effort!


If you're disappointed (and we don't know why you would be as SAT's results are not the most important things in your lives)  - the fact is that you've turned up every day, turned up when school is tricky for you, worked on the areas that you find hard - and haven't given up and look what you've done ... you've proved to everyone you are AMAZING! Something that some people hadn't recognised prior to your arrival at Waterside.


All of the super hero team at Waterside is so PROUD of you!

You've truly #unleashedyourinnersuperhero!

Waterside SEMH - KS2 Data 2018


Pupil English  Reading Mathematics
1 96 98 89
2 87 89 90
3 80 N 93
4 90 93 92
5 A 86 95
6 98 112 104
7 91 93 A
8 87 80 83
9 100 108 105
10 100 105 97
11 100 103 92
12 85 A 90
13 84 87 94



A - Absent for the test

N - Didn't quite score high enough to assess

Orange numbers - below national expectation

Green numbers - close to national expectation

Blue numbers - met or exceeded national expectation


Our pupils have all started with VERY low baselines - with some, including pupil 6, with reading ages of <5.00. 


From analysis, some of our super heroes have made over 5 years progress in reading since the beginning of the year - validated via a number of assessments including the above SATS.


Despite their low baselines and emotional responses to work, they have proven yet again, that consistency of approach and a focus on intervention, that they can and do succeed.


We are so so proud of our super heroes! Well done all of you!


Waterside SEMH Data - KS 2 SATS 2017


Due to the nature of how our data arrives, we will upload the comparison with national data asap.


5 pupils sat the SATs with 3 being dis-applied due to working at EYFS levels.
Pupil English Grammar English Reading Mathematics
1 92 95 94
2 105 95 107
3 89 94 92
4 95 91 102
5 92 99 90
This means that 2 of our super heroes met national expectation whilst the rest only just missed by a few marks (100 being the national expectation). This is very impressive when you take into account how much education our super heroes have missed before they arrive at Waterside - due to exclusion and school refusal.
However, what we find more impressive, is the rate of progress that the pupils made during the course of the year from their baseline.

From their June 2016 and October 2016 baselines in maths :

Pupil June 2016 NC Year Paper Score Oct 2016 NC Year Paper Score
1 4 23% 4 26%
2 5 27% 5 37%
3 2 46% 4 9%
4 3 79% 4 44%
5 No Score No Score 4 44%
From looking at the above, we think you would have to agree that for our super heroes to get either national expectation or VERY close to it is outstanding. Some of our super heroes have moved 4 years in one academic year to sit an age equivalent paper and get very close to national expectation (pupil 3 for example).


This is the second year in a row that Waterside's data has shown the impressive progress our super heroes make whilst in our provision.

Throughout last academic year senior leaders identified key areas for improvement:

·     Secure high quality provision across the school 

·     Create a child based ethos which provides consistency in approaches, commonality of language and personalised intervention depending on pupil need

·     Develop transparent systems to enable pupils to take ownership of their behavior, and understand the choices available to them when they demonstrate extreme behavior


8 out of 10 Year 6 pupils took the end of Key Stage 2 tests in May 2016.  3 pupils achieved the expected standard in English Grammar Punctuation and Spelling and 1 in mathematics. An analysis of the standardised scores demonstrates that in 13 of the 22 papers (60%) standardised score of 95 or more was achieved. The value added progress for these Year 6 pupils in writing was also extremely close to national.


Although our pupils did not achieve the expected combined measure at the average standard, our standardised scores are very close to the expected standardised 100. 


Waterside SEMH Primary - End of KS 2 Data 2016


Attainment (Av Standardised Score)

Progress (Value Added)






















Attainment (% at the expected standard)

Progress (Value Added)















Waterside and the Imperium Federation are committed to complying with our equality duty as members of the public sector.

We have consulted with all sectors of our community with regards to equality and have a policy that has been agreed by the staff and Governing Board. You can find that policy on our policy page.


We actively promote the equality of all including those with protected characteristics and our recruitment processes reflect this.


We remind all staff via our daily briefings and training on ways to eliminate discrimination, tackle inapproprate, racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic language and aggression - which is also covered in our SRE work. We have staff who are also trained ambassadors for the LGBTQ+ community.


If you believe that we have not carried out our duty with regards to equality and tackling in-equality, please contact us as we are always willing to learn how we can improve.