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Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.

End of Key Stage 2 Data - 2022/23


PupilGPS Scaled ScoreReading Scaled ScoreMaths Scaled Score


It is very important to remember the journey our super heroes have experienced both prior and during their time at Waterside. As you can see from our data, despite their initial baseline, our super heroes achieve in line with their mainstream counterparts and we couldn't be prouder!



Apupil was absent for the test
ASachieved standard
Bpupil was working below the standard of the test
Fpupil has not taken the test but will take in future years
Hpupil was cheating
Jpupil just arrived at school
Lpupil has left the school
missing script
Nno test outcome awarded
NSnot achieved standard
Ppupil has not taken the test this year, but took it previously
Qresults annulled
Upupil was working at the standard but unable to access
Xresult unavailable
Zpupil has been incorrectly registered or was not registered 


Data for 2020/21


Due to the pandemic, we are unable (as in line with every school in England and as directed by the Secretary of State) to publish any data for those years. New data will be reported in 2021/22, however, in line with current guidance, please find below our data as published by the Secretary of State for previous years.





Waterside and the Imperium Federation are committed to complying with our equality duty as members of the public sector.

We have consulted with all sectors of our community with regards to equality and have a policy that has been agreed by the staff and Governing Board. You can find that policy on our policy page.


We actively promote the equality of all including those with protected characteristics and our recruitment processes reflect this.


We remind all staff via our daily briefings and training on ways to eliminate discrimination, tackle inapproprate, racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic language and aggression - which is also covered in our SRE work. We have staff who are also trained ambassadors for the LGBTQ+ community.


If you believe that we have not carried out our duty with regards to equality and tackling in-equality, please contact us as we are always willing to learn how we can improve.