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Spring 1: This half term we are learning through the book Starbird in English, it has some beautiful illustrations

Autumn 2: Zones of Regulation

We have been thinking about how different scenarios can make us feel different emotions. We don’t always have the same feelings for certain scenarios but that’s ok!

Autumn 2: RE

This half term we are learning about Christian Festivals in RE. In our lesson this week we focused on Lent. Did you know that Lent takes place for 40 days before Easter and Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) takes place the day before Ash Wednesday, when Lent starts.



Autumn 2: Science- Sound

Gilbert class enjoyed experimenting with pitch and volume on different instruments in our Science lesson.

Autumn 2: Cultural Week- We really enjoyed learning the Mexican Hat Dance!

We had lots of fun learning the Mexican Hat Dance for Cultural Week.

Autumn 2: Cultural Week

Gilbert class enjoyed making a variety of dips during cultural week, we thought they were very tasty!

Autumn 2: Gilbert class have enjoyed testing out our new sensory room and climbing wall

Autumn 2: Science- Sound

In Science this half term we are learning about the topic Sound. We have already created string telephones to test how sound is created, as well as how it travels.

Autumn 2: English- Varmints

Our new text for this half term in Varmints. We will be creating lots of different outcomes, including setting descriptions, poetry and retellings.  

The results of mummification!

After leaving our mummified tomatoes for a week, we compared them to a tomato that was not mummified. It was disgusting! 

Reading Wise: Everyday we complete Reading Wise to help with our decoding and comprehension.

In Science we are learning about the topic Animals including Humans. We carried out an experiment to demonstrate how the digestive system works. We loved it!

The Story of Tutankhamun

In English we are learning through the text The Story of Tutankhamun. We practiced mummifying a tomato and wrote instructions about how to do it.

Our class has been named after Sarah Gilbert, the lead professor behind the Oxford covid vaccine.