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Summer 2 week 7 

A strange week this week 

Nest became year 6 for a few days

The boys were challenged with some tasks by Mrs Robinson. to complete the puzzles, word searches, build the highest pyramid, make a telephone, complete the snake into a ball, design a blow football game and finally make a marble run, using only the things in the black bag. They definitely rose and completed each challenge, whilst problem solving and having fun. Well done boys.

Summer 2 week 6

Such a strange week this week, we have been closed for a few days. But wow what a lot of things we have packed into those days. Unfortunately sports day was cancelled, but we still got to have ice cream that went down a treat!

Maths, we have been looking at money and time.

English, we have been concentrating on writing our own stories and typing them upon the chrome books, this is helping us with our touch typing skills.

Craig has read out loud his story of the turtle and the glockenspiel, and had some lovely feedback from the other pupils.

We have made turtles with clay, and can't wait for them to dry so we can paint them.

The boys have discovered the Rush Hour game and are working as a team to complete the levels and challenging staff.

Not forgetting Imoves which is a great source of movement and fun.  

Summer 2 week 5

We celebrated Stan winning Star of the Week last Week, Well done Stan getting 1's and 2's for playtime since he started at Waterside.

A busy week this week we have had Henry join us for the first 3 days, then Recce joined us for the last 2 days.

Maths has been looking at fractions with both Craig and Stan. Volume with Henry and Money with Reece, so lots of different learning skills this week.

English Henry focused on his SPAG, Reece continued with his description of emotions felt at different time in the text he has been reading. Both Stan and Craig have been looking at alliteration and planning the start of their very own book. This has been inspired by the Bear and the Piano text we have used in our English this term.

Our computing lesson this week was to start practicing our touch typing skills. Then we followed instructions and created som lego fans and robots that react to sensors, when programmed correctly.

Art this week we had fun creating pictures using string, that we dipped in paint, curled in a design on the paper, then pressed down lightly and pulled the string out from between the folded paper.

Science we learnt about how plants get water up through the stems into the leaves, we used food colouring to do an experiment. We have noticed a difference in one stick of celery, but the others seemed to have wilted overnight in the heat. Mrs Robinson will take some more pictures on Monday to see if anything else has happened over the weekend.

Our five minute brain break this week is Kim's game which everyone enjoys as well as -imoves programme that Mrs Robinson discovered. and we have had great fun moving and dancing together.



Summer 2 week 4

English this week. The boys were thrilled to get a reply each to their letters of advice back from the Bear, It took a long time to get from America to us in school. When ordered the story of the Bear and the Piano this week and now are getting ready to think about a title for our very own books that we can publish.

Maths is subtracting and dividing fractions.

R.E. We have been discovering information about  Shikhsim, where they worship and the first word in their Holy book.

Science we looked at the parts of a flower and made our own lily.

Music we have learnt new notes and in our golden time, used Youtube to learn to play the beginning of the Harry Potter theme tune.

P.E. Practice throwing the javelin and bean bags into the targets, was great fun, we are getting ready for our sports day.

The boys have enjoyed playing Kim's game - which is great for remembering. The stacking cup challenge was enjoyable.

In the playground we have enjoyed playing on the new equipment. To our surprise on Monday morning, we heard a loud noise and discovered, it was a helicopter descending in the local grassed area, all the children waved, but don't think they saw us, everyone found it very exciting.


Summer 2 week 3

This week was Creative week. On Monday we had a visit from Bloko, a dance and music workshop, which we all really enjoyed. During the week we have made masks, headdress and fruit kebabs,
to wear on Friday at our Carnival celebration. 
English this week we have been finding out about at inferences, what it means and how we think the bear is feeling when he is on stage. We are still eagerly awaiting to see if we get a reply from the bear in America!

Maths this week is comparing fractions with different denominations.

Science, we looked at roots and shoots, discovering and labelling the parts of a flower.

In our sensory room time this week, we worked together as a team to try and follow the pattern, in the correct sequence and enjoyed fill the floor task. 


Summer 2 week2 

Literacy text, we have looked at how to put commas in a list rather than using 'and'. our next task was, to write letters in reply to Bear giving him advice whether he should go to the city to perform. Mrs Robinson posted them to the Bear in Alpine Meadows, Michigan forest land in America. We are eagerly waiting to see if we get a reply!

the boys have been using their fine motor skills to follow the patterns to help with our handwriting.

Maths, we have been finding equivalent fractions and showing then in the lowest form.

Topic this term is The Victorians, we have looked at the difference between the rich and poor people. Finding out that they had to carry a candle to be able to see in the dark and that they had a potty they kept under the bed wasn't appealing to the boys. Writing on a slate with chalk is very messy, but we enjoyed discovering the toys they used to have.

R.E. We found out about Sikhism around the world and ordered the story of Guru Nanak. We learnt that Guru means teacher and Sikh means learner. our Music lesson this week was using the Glockenspiel and following a pattern. Craig went on in his golden time to use youtube to learn to play the Harry Potter theme tune. Mindfulness this week has been a variety of activities from completing puzzles, walking with pennies on our bare feet and lastly onto Yoga .

Next week is Creative week so lots of fun activities to look forward too.

Summer 2 week 1

Welcome back after a lovely week off.

Literacy we are still focusing on our book The bear and the piano, we have been looking at contraction verbs to use in our writing, as well as learning the mnemonic phrase 'oh you lucky duck ' to help us remember how to spell would, should and could.

Maths we are getting really good at finding equivalent fractions.

Our Art topic this term is masks, this week we made a mosaic mask. Science topic is plants, the boys have looked closely at some flowers, then drawn and painted their findings.

P.S.H.E topic is relationships, we talked about the roles of men and women, we discussed that both can do the jobs, Craig did say his mum did most of the chores at home. poor mum!

Computing this term is Scratch, we have started looking at programming, we had great fun discovering how to move a sprite around, add a background and record sound.

We had our first Yoga lesson this week, and another session of mindfulness, this helps us relax and focus. last but not least some blowing bubbles in Golden Time always a favourite choice.

Summer 1 week 6

Platinium Jubilee

Such a busy week  we have learnt a lot about our Queen, We focused on the year 2000 and what important things happened that decade that we will put into our whole school book celebrating the Queen being on the throne for 70 years.

Our new Literacy text for this week and continues next term and is the bear and the piano. Our focus this week is looking at conjunctions and homophones.

Maths this week has been looking at equivalent fractions.

Art - leaf rubbing and printing 

Science - we made a lava lamp

Blow football was a great movement break bit of fun.

VR's and Icing biscuits were two of our Golden Time rewards chosen this week 

But best of all was our Jubilee celebration party and saying good bye to our very own queen for the day Ms Brock who has now retired.

Summer 1 week 5 

What a busy week this week has been. Jeremiah made pizza to share with the Nurture class, a Monday was his last full day at Waterside, before he starts his transition to his new school on Tuesday.

 Two new pupils Craig and Stan have joined Nest class. This week we have been getting to know each other and working together. The Reading wise zip and decoding program is a great way of earning certificates, when you complete each module. Zones lesson was to recognise body actions and expressions.

Maths we are looking at fractions. Science we looked at the amount of weight a foil boat would hold before starting to sink. Our science topic for the next few weeks will be forces.

Literacy this week we have focused on research and finding information about some things that happened between the years 2000 - 2009 of Queen Elizabeth 11 to be used in our whole school book. All of the boys chose to draw and write about the Millennium Dome.

P.E. we were testing our ball control skills, look how well we did!


Summer 1 Week 4

This week in maths we have been looking at angles acute less than 900, obtuse angles more than 900 and right angles that are 900 .  We learnt how to use a protractor to measure angles.

English we have been looking at how to use model verbs in our writing.

Art this week was looking at marbling techniques with ink and water, making different patterns on paper and on polystyrene  balls.

Computing we investigated Wedo Lego following step by step instructions then connecting the robot via bluetooth and programmed it to light up and make noises.

Reading wise Jeremiah earned a 1,000 tokens and received a certificate.

A session of brain gym drawing lazy 8s was tricky but fun .



Summer 1 week 3

This week during Maths we have continued working on area and perimeter, measuring things around the school.

Our Literacy text The Lost Thing, we have written a formal letter to Pete giving him advice using imperative verbs to pass on to the boy who has found the thing.

Science was to investigate if a lemon orange or lime was the best to use to make a volcano. Jeremiah discovered that a lemon has the biggest reaction as it contains more acid.

R.E . We read the King's elephant and understood that if your hearing unkind things things a lot then you tend to be unkind to others, but hearing positive, kind things can change the way a person acts towards others.

Why not have a look at our clay elephants that we made. 

In P.E. this week was bowling and fielding skills.

Watching Charlie Brown in P.S.H. Was great fun. we used coloured lolly sticks to show which zone we thought the characters were in at specific times.

A golden time session was used to design Bey-blades, Jeremiah is unable to choose which is the best design. It was a lovely time spent playing with them.


Summer 1 week 2 

Literacy text The lost thing .Another two lost things were found and labels were written to help us get them home.

Maths we are working on area and perimeter counting units. We have discovered that a shape area with 4 square units can have a perimeter of 10 or 8 square units.

Zones this week was bingo matching the emotions of the expressions on our cards.

Science  Milktastic fun! We discovered that putting washing up liquid in milk and drops of food colouring, caused the soap to reduce the surface tension of the milk and reacts with the fat causing the food colouring to swirl around on the plate.


Summer 1 week 1

Welcome  to our new student Jeremiah and Miss Fayden who will be with us for six weeks.

Our new Literacy text is the lost thing by Shaun Tan. A lost thing arrived in the classroom, We are looking for the owners!

Maths  we are  looking at area, perimeter and angles.

Zones of Regulation we are learning about our emotions and what colour zone each one fits into blue, green, yellow or red.

Science, we have made a balloon kebab. We had to get help from Mr Adu to achieve our goal.

P.E. this term is fielding and striking skills. PSHE we are looking heathy me. 

Spring 2 week 6 

Wow ! What a busy week we had a visit from Dynamite Dave from Sublime Science. The children enjoyed making snow and a smoke bubble that they blew up in the air before it burst. Science we did an experiment to look at rigidity. Maths we looked at number bonds and 2d shape sorting. We coloured in and used over cutting skills to make exploding egg Easter cards.

But sadly, we have to say goodbye to Edward who is leaving us and returning to his mainstream school. 

Spring 2 week 5

Another busy week! Odd socks day to celebrate Down's syndrome day, then working on our number bonds in maths. But best of all it was Science week. So many investigations and discoveries.


Nest Spring2 week 4

What a busy week it has been! take a look at what we have been doing this week .

Literacy. this week we have been singing 'Twinkle twinkle little star ' and talking about wishes and what we would like with fox.

Maths we have been looking at ordering numbers to 10 and matching the amount and colour sticks to make the shapes

finding number pairs that make 5

Music we have been investigating instruments, then making our own and comparing the sounds

Red Nose Day obstacle course and making iced biscuits

Nest Spring 2 Week 3

Sadly, this week we will be saying good bye to Thomas and Mrs Grant. After six weeks with us they are returning back to Heronsgate. Mick will also be leaving the Nest but will be staying on and joining Nurture Class.

We have all had a very busy week, working on whole school text. We created lost posters as star is missing, then wrote a letter to fox giving him advice from Stella Moon, of how to find Star.


Creating a clay fox

Both Mick and Edward made a diorama for their own `Fox and the Star '

The fox and the Star. Mick and Edward discovered a real foxes den outside the school

Literacy this week we looked at what we think makes true or fake friends

P.S.H.E. Making and tasting healthy smoothies

playtime fun in the sun, making shadow figures

Art , Edward and Mick made rubbings of leaves, then went into the playground to find other things we could use to create different patterns

Sensory play - building friendships

Sensory time

Nest: Spring 2- week 2 

What a busy week in Nest Class 2 new pupils have joined us. Welcome to both Mick and Edward.

Our new Literacy tree book is The Fox and the Star.


A surprise parcel has arrived in nest.

We used Sky View Lite, on iPads, to see all the stars and the planets during the day. We even found the Hubble Telescope and lots of planets and stars.

Pancake Day

Trying out the climbing wall for the first time. Edward preferred the stepper!

World Book Day, the theme this year was woodland animals.

In our computing lesson we learnt to programme Beebots

Zones of Regulation. This week we had to show what emotion was on the headband.

Welcome back after half term 

Spring 2 week 1

This half term we are going to focus on a whole school text. To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March, the children are invited to come to school dressed as a woodland creature, this will link to our new school text. Details have been sent out via Parent mail.


Nest class have a news book. Storm Eunice and the damage it caused was our first article.

English - we have been looking at other animals and instruments that we could use to write about in our own short story

In Math we are looking at fractions and mixed numbers

Mindfulness - relaxing and tensing our body

Making Rolls to go with our cress


Can you see the changes that have happened to our beans?

Play time fun with Ms Sanderson

Mental Health Week .. other hand Challenge

Mental Health Week making paper aeroplanes

Testing our creations

Hydroponics in the classroom

growing beans

A seed Burr. This seed disperses by sticking its hooks on to the fur of animals

NSPCC number day

Chinese new year 

Fortune cookie


Plants - seed dispersal 

P.E. net and wall games

Spring 1

A new pupil in Nest this term 

English -

 Literacy tree text - The Bear and the piano



Maths on problem we are learning about fractions, halves, quarters and thirds.






Ms Grant and T enjoyed investigating our new climbing wall and sensory room

Welcome to the nest 2021-2022 with Mrs Robinson and Miss Sutton!

A brand new year and class,saw a new chapter and beginning for Freddie in the Nest!

Along with assessments and getting to know each other. We have been working hard on things we are proud of and using the zones of regulation to help sort our feelings into the correct zones to identify our emotions.

 As the time to transition into Wicks class came nearer Freddie was able to say by using the colour zones that he was feeling a little anxious, so we worked together to put things in place for him to be able to cope and transition easily.

We had our new Literacy Tree Hook with a poster, bow-tie, a rose and a ticket left in the classroom.


We have used nouns to help us ask questions and write a response.

We used apostrophes to make contractions, can you think of anymore?

In Art, Freddie has been making rubbings of leaves with pastels.

He has used a range of textures to create patterns using things in the playground.           

Our Maths is place value using a variety of methods, place- value charts and base 10 to show the number 543 and what each of the digits 5, 4 and 3 stand for.

We had fun when we played a game of adding 50 using a dice Freddie managed to work out the answers and record them on his desk.

In our Science lesson Freddie made a lava lamp and discovered that oil and water do not mix together even with stirring!

Freddie experimented with both blue and red colouring, he thought that the red was the best.

 He added some fizzing power of Alka-Seltzer to the oil and coloured water and watched the amazing results.