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Welcome to the nest 2021-2022 with Mrs Robinson and Miss Sutton!

A brand new year and class,saw a new chapter and beginning for Freddie in the Nest!

Along with assessments and getting to know each other. We have been working hard on things we are proud of and using the zones of regulation to help sort our feelings into the correct zones to identify our emotions.

 As the time to transition into Wicks class came nearer Freddie was able to say by using the colour zones that he was feeling a little anxious, so we worked together to put things in place for him to be able to cope and transition easily.

We had our new Literacy Tree Hook with a poster, bow-tie, a rose and a ticket left in the classroom.


We have used nouns to help us ask questions and write a response.

We used apostrophes to make contractions, can you think of anymore?

In Art, Freddie has been making rubbings of leaves with pastels.

He has used a range of textures to create patterns using things in the playground.           

Our Maths is place value using a variety of methods, place- value charts and base 10 to show the number 543 and what each of the digits 5, 4 and 3 stand for.

We had fun when we played a game of adding 50 using a dice Freddie managed to work out the answers and record them on his desk.

In our Science lesson Freddie made a lava lamp and discovered that oil and water do not mix together even with stirring!

Freddie experimented with both blue and red colouring, he thought that the red was the best.

 He added some fizzing power of Alka-Seltzer to the oil and coloured water and watched the amazing results.