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Welcome to the Nook 2022-2023


Miss Stone 

Mrs Grant and Miss Francis


Summer 2, Week 3. This week in Art we looked at naturally occurring shapes in our environment; spirals, circles and repetitive patterns and then created our own. In PSHE we continued our work on ‘changes’ and wrote letters to our future selves, hoping we had achieved our dreams and goals by then! In history we looked at Viking houses and made comparisons, in PE we continued our athletics focus and we even went to the cinema this week too!

Summer 2, Week 2-a hot one so lots of ice lolly breaks in the shade! This week; investigated changes in our environment (natural changes) and how livings things adapt- we created our own living things that could survive the changes! In computing we edited images for different purposes, in RE we explored the 10 commandments and the importance of rules, we enjoyed mindful drawing and relaxation and as always had lots of fun too!

Enjoying the new playground!

Summer 2- Here we go, ready for our final half term of the year! This half term we are; continuing to learn about the Vikings, how they “settled”, they famed and live their lives. In science we will be looking at habitats, in RE we are continuing to discuss our inquiry question- “Do you have to go to Church to be a Christian?”. In PSHE we will be looking at changes and transitions, in PE we will be learning athletic skills, in Computing we are learning how to edit images, and very day we still have ourEnglish and maths lessons too!

Summer 1, weeks 3,4 and 5. A lot went on in the Nook the last few weeks and whilst some of us were undergoing our SATS, others were completing assessments to see how much progress we had made! Super proud of everyone for their efforts! Alongside these, we also had our English, Maths, RE, Computing, PE, PSHE lessons and lots of fun!

Summer 1, Week 2- we started our week off investigating “living things” and the class were introduced to MRS NERG, a helpful acronym to remember the 7 life processes! We made a start on our Viking topic in History, we worked on our computing skills, explored Christianity and our special places to help us discuss our enquiry question for this half term “Do Christian’s have to go to Church to be a Christian?”- we will be discussing this in our RE lessons!

Summer 1- Week 1. Welcome back. A week of settling back in after the Easter holidays. We started our new history focus on the Vikings, looked at jealousy and relationships in PSHE, collected natural materials for our nature art to make faces, relaxed in mindfulness, played SPAG games and had a SPAG focus in English and continued maths skills!

Spring 2, weeks 5 and 6! Lots went on in the Nook; birthday party for Mrs Grant, trip to the cafe, cooking, painting canvases, making electrical safety posters, exploring circuits, drumming, protests, maths skills, poem writing, Roman research, Buddhist stories and of course lots of laughter and fun too!

Red Nose Day 2023!

Spring 2, Week 3. This week in the Nook, we.....had a lot of discussions around friendships, group dynamics and being healthy in PSHE. In a English we talked about how we were all ‘unique’, we talked to our peers about what we had in common and what was different. We acted out our ‘Change Sings’ poem and did a rhyme hunt! In music we compared rap to classical and enjoyed making our own percussion to go with ‘The Radetzky March’ by Johann Struss. We made a start on some art work to compliment our poem and explored calming tools in Zones of regulation. Alongside all of this we had a fabulous PE lesson working on teamwork skills and some of us joined our parents for jewellery making with Taiwo!

Spring 2, Week 2. A packed week for us here in the Nook! Monday’s assembly was interrupted by a surprise delivery from famous poet Amanda Gorman and led to the start of our whole school literacy focus this half term with “Change Sings”. In science we explored electrical items and tried to create circuits. In computing we continued with our podcasts, editing our recordings to ensure they were of an excellent quality. In RE we looked at the Buddhist rules of the 8fold path and played charades and created a class paperchain full of positive words and phrases to remind us of Buddha’s teachings. In our zones lesson we explored sensory equipment and tools that can help us in each zone, in PE we continued with volleyball and we embraced the sunshine and did yoga outside! AND it was World book day and school photos!

Welcome back! Spring 2, Week 1- a wonderful first week back for the Nook. On Monday we kicked off with an assembly about the meaning of Lent, so it was only right that we had pancakes the next day on pancake day! In History we continued with our Roman topic, this time concentrating on Roman architecture and buildings. In PE we began our new “team games” topic with a focus on volleyball. In Maths we carried on building our skills and looking at a variety of skills based on our individual levels and we relaxed and focussed our bodies and minds in mindfulness. This week we also welcomed 2 new pupils, they settled really well and the current pupils made them all feel at home!

Spring 1, Week 6- our final week of this half term! It all started with science investigations, making observations about changing states of matter and making predictions on temperatures too! In computing we began to plan our podcasts and made a start on our podcast scripts which we will continue working on in Spring 2, In RE we discussed suffering and change and how Buddhists view these concepts through Buddha’s teachings. We took part in a whole school mindfulness/relaxation and whole school film as part of #childrensmentalhealthweek! Have a very happy half term everyone!

Spring 1, Week 5. A week filled with drama! First off acting out scenarios with a partner in PSHE dealing with broken dreams and overcoming disappointment and then a class debate in history, debating whether the Emperors or the Republic ruling system of the Roman Empire was better? In English we made a start on planning our own sequels to Winter’s Child- “Spring’s daughter”. In Science we had a lot of “gassy” fun- investigating gas as a state of matter and making predictions and observations. In PE we worked on our amazing Badminton skills and looking forward to some games soon!

Spring 1, Week 4-Yet another birthday in the Nook this week! Along with some more fabulous learning; some of us looking at numbers up to 100,000, playing and socialising together, finishing our winter dioramas for our English text, re-telling our English text and then thinking about the 5 main events in our story, sorting 'idioms' in zones of regulation, playing badminton in PE!

Spring 1, Week 3- another birthday in the Nook class so a birthday celebration, making Roman Gladiator helmets, PSHE and thinking about dreams and goals,spellings and handwriting, zones of regulation, a new music topic on rap, creating winter dioramas for our Winter’s Child text in English and excellent PE

Spring 1, Week 2.we kicked off with a birthday celebration this week, Then; A mysterious note arrived in class this week that read: “Be careful what you wish for”. It reminded Miss Stone of a book about a boy who wishes it would be winter forever...” Winter’s Child”, they discussed why this would be good or bad! In Science we investigated states of matter, in computing we discussed audio editing, we relaxed and stretched in yoga and worked on our Tennis skills in PE!

Spring 1, Week 1- welcome back and happy new year! Straight back in to school for the Nook and on to new topics! We kicked off the year thinking about our dreams and goals in PSHE, we designed and started work on Roman shields for our new history focus, we relaxed in mindfulness and continued our hard work in English and Maths too!

Autumn 2, week 7- our final school week of 2022! Another crazy year but one filled with hard work, laughter and fun! Merry Christmas to everyone and see you all on January the 3rd 2023!!!!!

Autumn 2, Week 6- a Christmas filled week for us, the Christmas tree assembly, Christmas craft and parents in for a Christmas meet and mingle and singalong! Plus science, investigating sound, English, maths, PE and much more! One week to go until Christmas!

Autumn 2’ Week 5. This week was the start of......oh no, don’t say it!.....Christmas prep!!!! A mysterious wintry scene kicked off our week in the library,with the melted belongings of a snowman, how peculiar! We then happened to find the text “The Snowman” in our class...and enjoyed a hot chocolate, hmmmmm..... we made a start on our Christmas decorations for our school Christmas tree and assembly,we did some gardening we discussed bullying in PSHE and shared some personal experiences and we put the finished touches to our wonderful 3D models of the Andes mountain range!!!

Autumn 2, Week 4- we continued our fantastic work on our “Baker by the Sea” text, we carried out investigations in science where we explored sound waves, we looked at Christian Parables in RE, we had a lot of social interaction and input on our communication skills and had a great PE lesson too!

Autumn 2, Week 3. A packed week for the Nook, consisting of; assembly and awards, weaving with lolly sticks in Art, a trip to Dominoes to bake our own pizzas (linked to our story-The Baker by the Sea), making a start on our 3D models of the Andes as part of Geography focus, handwriting, PE, football practice (for one of us), and Children in Need day 2022!

Autumn 2, Week 2- a fabulous week! Kicked off with certificates and a sound investigation in science, computing on Tuesday involved networking and passing messages, RE we explored the beliefs of Christianity and then lbegan to learn more about Jesus, we relaxed in mindfulness and yoga, had lots of fun and worked on gymnastic skills in PE and on top of all of that we had a mystery bakery appear in class which we then discovered was for our new English text “The Baker by the Sea”!

A mid-week update (autumn 2 week 2); certificates, a mystery bakery in the classroom, games and a sound investigation (and it’s only Wednesday!)

Autumn 2-Week 1- Welcome back everyone! It was a spooky start for us as we kicked the week off with halloween arts and crafts and even some marshmallow eyeballs! In English we completed our stories and turned them into books! We continued our mountains focus in Geography and this week chose The Andes or the Alps to research and create a presentation, in PSHE we discussed “assumptions” and how looks can be deceiving, we continued our independent maths skills, explored our zones in zones of regulation, enjoyed story time, PE and lots of play and social inrteraction!

Autumn 1, Week 8- final week of our first half term! A mix of surprise birthday parties, cooking, a trip to “Go Ape”, working hard in Maths on our independent skills, exploring food chains in Science, looking at the Jewish festival of Purim in RE, creating our own narratives in English and having lots of fun as always! Happy half term everyone!!

Examples of our sensory, mindfulness, yoga and bubble fun this half term!

Some of our fantastic PE skills!

Still image for this video

Autumn 1, Week 7- This week has flown by!!! The weather took a turn and even though we had a few wet plays we managed to still have a lot of fun! As a group we have been interacting a lot during lessons and choosing to do role-play with our friends for our golden time too. In English this week we have made a start on our own narratives and we can’t wait to finish them! In Art this week we made an “egg cup mobile” and we had a lot of fun creating this! 

Autumn 1, Week 6- another great week in the Nook. Working hard with our Maths skills, art, fun in the sensory room, creating lots of wonderful noun phrases and descriptions on our English text “The Last Garden” and a great PE session improving our hockey skills!

Autumn 1, Week 5. This week in the Nook we; explored some simple weaving in Art as a carry on with our fibre art focus, we celebrated differences in PSHE, we learnt about all the different types of mountains and how they were formed in topic and we relaxed in mindfulness.

Autumn 1, Week 4. This week we kicked off with a mini topic on the text, “The Dot”, where we explored the ideas of self esteem, confidence and resilience.In computing we practiced accessing our Google drive accounts and using our interactive class page. In RE we began our new topic on Jewish Festivals, specifically this week we looked at the Sukkot Festival and the class created their own Sukkahs to help them remember why this festival is important to the Jewish community. We did some relaxing yoga outside as the weather was still nice enough too and as the weather was nice we took the opportunity to spruce up our playground, adding more colour and sorting out the weeds and planters ready for some new plants!

Autumn 1, Week 3. After the incredibly sad news of our Queen passing the Nook pupils shower great respect this week, and although a somber mood they still worked hard and had some fun too! We started our week with our new Art topic and made a whole class ‘yarn mobile’ with natural materials as part of the fibre art focus, we talked about our feelings and emotions and set our classroom rules in PSHE, we explored the 7 summits of the world in topic as part of our new ‘mountains, rivers and coasts’ focus, we enjoyed story time, sensory, mindfulness and PE!

Autumn 1, Week 1 and 2- Welcome to a brand new year for the Nook. We have welcomed some new pupils who have started their transition and welcomed back some pupils from last year. This week we have been settling in and enjoying time together, getting to know each other!