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Welcome to the Nook 2020-2021

with Miss Stone and Miss Dodds! 


Summer 2, Weeks 5, 6 and 7! As we come to an aend we still continue to have lots of fun and hard work too! Painting the playground, golf trip, park trip, dressing up fun, computing work, trip to creams, gardening, and a leaving party for Mrs Bignall! Phew- BUSY BUSY!

Summer 2, Weeks 2, 3 and 4! A busy few weeks of amazing learning and coping well with transition sessions too! Plus our final Nook birthday of the year!

Summer 2! Week 1- a great start to our final half term of the year! Exploring “multi-media” in Art and starting with different types of paint and equipment to produce different marks and effects, athletics in PE, gardening and continuing with our great work in Maths and English as always!

Summer 1, Week 5 and 6- a busy end to our half term! Science investigations, gardening, making songs with Glockenspiels, cricket, hot chocolates, Maths, English, and lots more!

Summer 1, Week 4- a super week! Working on our animations in computing using ‘Scratch’, gardening with Miss Brock, magnet investigations in Science, Cricket, mindfulness and super Maths skills too! Plus- some yummy home-made sushi from L!

Summer 1, Week 3- a busy week again, lots of work on our Maths skills, some of us using the counting stick for our times tables and others making and comparing 6 digit numbers! A lovely yoga session, talking about conflict and problem solving in PSHE and continuing our work on Victorians in topic!

Summer 1, Week 2. A great week in the Nook; continuing our fantastic work in English, thinking about settings and descriptions, working hard in our Maths skills, experimenting with forces in Science, improving our batting skills in Cricket and relaxing our bodies and minds in mindfulness.

Summer term here we come! A great start this week for our Summer term. Beginning new schemes of work; learning to play the Glockenspiel in Music, exploring the Victorians in Topic, progressing our skills in PE with Cricket and the ultimate surprise of a fully immersive Circus as the introduction to our new Literacy Tree Text “Leon and the Place Between”.

Week 5, Spring 2. This week we have; explored blending with Watercolours in Art, discussed growing up and changes in PSHE, hot-seated characters from our Literacy tree text and made a start on our own versions of the narrative, continued building on badminton skills in PE, relaxed in mindfulness and had lots of fun for sure!

Week 4, Spring 2- super week again in the Nook! We; explored the digestive system in Science, made shapes with our Probots in Computing, looked at the wonderful life of Mae Jemison and made straw rockets, continued our fantastic racket skills with Badminton, relaxed with yoga and as always- created fabulous writing in English and boosted our skills in Maths!

Week 3, Spring 2. Finally, we were all back together this week with the end of our home learning and it’s been lovely to all be under the same roof again! It’s been a busy week full of lots of fun and laughter and hard work too! We had a surprise delivery in Literacy from the Lazy Pet.Co with a mystery pet and new text! We continued our great work in Maths, created wonderful watercolour landscapes in Art, explored healthy food and sugar content in PSHE, created “Balloon Rockets” in celebration of Katherine Johnson for International Women’s Day and Science Week, worked on our underarm and backhand in Tennis and wound down with some calming Yoga in Mindfulness- what a week!

Week 2, Spring 2. Wow, what a fun packed and busy week we have had in the Nook! Exploring the skeletal system in Science, working with Pro-bots in Computing, identifying similarities and differences with our lives and those that have other religious beliefs in RE, continuing our Tennis skills in Pe, focusing on our bodies and minds in mindfulness and all topped off with a World Book Day too! Great work everyone!

Welcome back! Here we go for Spring 2!!! A great first week back, some of us learning in-house and some of us continuing our great home-learning and a new class member too- busy busy!

Spring 1, Week 6- our final week of this half term and some snow fun!!!! Some great work again this week! Shadow puppets in Science, Hindu Creation story’s RE, creating documents in computing, cooking skills and continuing great work in Literacy tree and Maths too! Enjoy the well deserved rest everyone and see you soon!

Spring 1, Week 5. Super proud of the hard work achieved by the Nook pupils this week, at home and in school! Two new literacy texts started; “Shackleton” and “Lost and Found”. A great start with these from both groups! Continued hard work and perseverance in our Maths work too! Other lessons this week included; art-creating pictures and mosaics of the London skyline, exploring Continents and the Oceans of the World in topic and thinking about challenges that others may face and designing accessible gardens for them in PSHE

Spring 1, Week 4! Another amazing week for our in-house and home learners! Continuing great work with our phonics, spellings, handwriting, Literacy Tree texts and our Maths work, plus; exploring shadows in Science, using google docs to insert images into text in computing, looking at the Buddhist and Muslim beliefs in Creation and lots lots more!

Spring 1, Week 3. A great week for Nook class, whether in school or home learning all of the children have worked so hard! Completing digital mosaics, exploring Continents of the World, setting goals in PSHE and as always fabulous work in Maths and with our Literacy Tree texts! So proud of you all.

Spring 1, Week 2! Another fab week for the Nook class, whether home learning or in school you have all worked incredibly hard and I am super proud of you! Lots of fab Literacy tree work, some of us looking at 'The Lost Thing' and others looking at 'The Bear and the Piano'. Some great work in Maths, Science, Computing, dancing, and even learning to ride a bike!!!



Spring 1, Week 1- Amazing in-class and home learning! A bit of a different week for us here, some children in and some children at home completing their home learning. I am very proud of everyone doing their best and working hard, either in class or at home!

Autumn 2, Week 7! Wow- what a busy and fun last week before Christmas! We had; Christmas dinner, card making, biscuit decorating, bauble making, sewing stockings, acting in English (for our Polar Express Book)- convincing Santa to get the first gift of Christmas and all topped off with a surprise birthday tea party!

Our Class Christmas song 2020!

Still image for this video
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree!

Christmas Jumper Day 2020!

Week 6, Autumn 2- Lots of lovely activities this week including a surprise visit from the Polar Express and a free hot chocolate in exchange for our Golden Tickets!

Week 5, Autumn 2

This week we have-

Explored the Song 'Fresh Prince of Belair' in Music. Listening for the beat and adding in instruments to hold the beat and pulse.

Made a start on our fantasy stories- we cannot wait to finish them!

Explored bullying in PSHE, discussing our own experiences and created 'Helping hands' explaining how we would or could help someone if they were being bullied.

Our musical accompaniment to “The Fresh Prince of Belair”

Still image for this video
We added in instruments to keep the beat!

Week 4, Autumn 2

This week we have;

Explored some fossils in Science, playing 'detectives' and trying to figure out which animal or plant the fossils could have once been.

Made some great progress in Maths; some of us working on measuring height and length using non-standard untis such as paperclips and even dolls! Some of us working on time and converting minutes into seconds! 

Created our own 'Beebot' Worlds in Computing. Using places of interest to us we created our own unique towns for our Beebots to move around in.

Started a new dance in PE this week with Miss Ferrell- 'Head and my heart' and we cannot wait to see the finished piece in a few weeks!

Week 3, Autumn 2

This week we have-

Had some lovely drama sessions in literacy tree, pretending to be Finn on his boat and recording his journey, writing Captain’s Logs, postcards and making our own telegraphs.

Used instruments in music, keeping the beat and the pulse using our instruments to the song, “Me, myself and I”

Continued with our moves in Pe for our Hakuna Matata dance

Worked really hard in our Maths sessions too! 

Week 2, Autumn 2

Well done everyone-another busy week!

We started our new topic in Science; Rocks! We investigated and looked at different types of rocks and their properties- we had lots of fun feeling the different textures of these.

In English we continued with our story, 'Ocean Meets Sky'. We wrote diary entries as Finn (the main character) remembering his Grandpa and we wrote instructions for Finn to make a boat. We then made our own boats of Finn and Grandpa and we tested them out too!

In PE we had anther dance session- this time we learnt a dance to 'Hakuna Matata' and we had lots of fun trying to keep up as the dance moves were very quick!

Finally; we started our new Computing topic this half term- Beebots! We learnt simple commands and how to program our Beebots so they moved in the right directions.

We also finished the week with Children in Need activities! 


Welcome back for Autumn 2 2020!

Lots of fantastic work going on this week-

Some of us working on “more” and “less” with numbers in our Maths

Some of us working on our fractions

Introduction to our next literacy tree text -“Ocean meets Sky” by the Fan brothers. 2 mysterious parcels turned up in class filled with lots of objects and memories from the past, who did they belong to? What did they all mean?

In PSHE we are looking at families this half term and started by trying to guess who the family members were in Miss Stone’s and Miss Dodd’s pictures, we then talked about different types of families and what the word family means to us- finishing by playing “pass the squeeze” 

PE has kicked off with a flying start this week- DANCE time for everyone, building on skills and moves each week!

Well done to everyone!

Welcome back everyone! Here we go for Autumn 2 2020! Week 1, Autumn 2

Autumn 1, Week 8- our final week of half term!

What a busy final week we have had in the Nook;

Acts of random Kindness

Continuing with our wonderful work in Maths using 'Maths no Problem'

Creating Pop Art selfies in Art

Celebrating Black History, with a trip to the shop as well to buy ingredients for our celebration afternoon

Working independently in English with our Literacy Tree book

Lots of social interaction and living skills too!

Have a fabulous week off everyone- see you soon!


Autumn 1, Week 7

This week we have continued with our amazing work in Literacy Tree. We have sequenced our story, 'The Last Drawing' and challenged ourselves to retell the story in under 2 minutes!

In Computing this week we re-capped on the entire topic of E-safety and created safety posters for other children- telling them how to be safe online.

In our phonics sessions we have had lots of fun playing different phonics games; this week was about rhyming and who could make their words the quickest!

In PE we have continued with out healthy living theme and our circuit sessions- challenging ourselves to do more each time around the circuit.

Well done everyone!

Autumn 1, Week 6

This week we have really got into the swing of our Literacy Tree work. We have looked at speech and conversations in the text and even created “freeze frames” as the different characters thinking about their feelings and emotions.

In art this week we switched to Pop Art. We studied Andy Warhol and recreated some of his famous paintings with our own colour choices. 

PSHE was looking at our learning charter again, and creating 'welcome cards' for a fictional character who was joining our class- writing to them to tell them all about our class and rules.

We continued with our Stone Age work in Topic- we even made our own cave paintings using tea to colour the card and make them look more authentic!

After a very energising PE session this week it was lovely to relax and enjoy our mindfulness activity too, using the weighted blankets to help us calm and relax. 

Autumn 1, Week 5

A full on week for us in the Nook!

Re-visiting Kandinsky in Art.

Creating our learning charter in PSHE by adding in our responsibilities for our rights.

Mixing up our circuits this week in PE by moving them upstairs and timing ourselves around the track.

Introduction of our literacy tree this term. The children went for a walk and on their return they found mysterious footprints and cave paintings...who put them there, where are they from???

Continuing with our handwriting scheme and finishing off with creating our own smiles for “World Smile Day”


Autumn 1, Week 4.

Another smashing week in the Nook, this weeks highlights were; making sausage rolls and our own creation, 'Chocolate swirls'!

Discussing what our dream school would look like in PSHE and thinking about our roles and responsibilities in order to have a dream school.

In Science we looked at flooding and the effect on the environment.

In Art we looked at different paintings by Kandinsky again and created our own using lines and objects from around the classroom.

We also had a new student join us so we have been getting to know each other and having fun!

Autumn 1, Week 3

Another fab week here in the Nook. Highlights this week were; looking at Alma Thomas the Artist in our Art lesson to continue with our work on abstract/popart- we created our own versions of her 'dot work'. 

In PSHE we designed a 'nightmare school' and discussed how children would be able to learn if they had such an unkind, unfair school.

Well done all :)


Autumn 1, Week 3

Autumn 1, Week 2 (first full week)

We have had a great first full week back, lots of new topics started and getting used to our new routines as well. This half term we will be looking at; The Stone Age in topic, the Water cycle in Science, Christianity and the Bible in RE, “being me in my world” in PSHE, circuits and keeping fit in PE, E-safety in Computing and Abstract/ Popart in Art and starting our handwriting scheme. Of course we will also be continuing with our SPAG and Literacy tree in English and “Maths no problem” scheme of work in Maths. 

Here is a selection of photos from this fabulous first week back! Well done everyone! Plus we had a surprise 11th birthday party too!