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Staff List

Executive Headteacher

Meic Griffiths


Head of School

Neal Collard


Head of Curriculum

Kate Scarbrow


Head of Pastoral

Leanne Stone


Federation Premises Manager

Paul Mills


Federation Business Manager

Taiwo Oworu


Federation SENDCo

Ruth Sanderson


nest (6 Day Provision & assessment)

Joyce Robinson 


Nurture - accredited

Kate Scarbrow

 Billie Sutton & Eser Arshan


Nook (ASD Provision)

Leanne Stone

Jenny Grant & Bukola Francis


Willow Class

Zoe Bromfield & Mel Eccleston


Cedar Class

Neil Macey & Charlotte Bingham


Birch Class

Jessica Bristow & Miss Sage


Super Hero Corridor 

Ade Walter


Waterside Administrator



Waterside SEMH Outreach

Head of Outreach

Andrew Ryan


Alison Barnes   Adele Wallace   Denise Tucker

Joanne Howcroft-Scott   

 Leanne Bell    Lisa Copeland

 Michele Wilson     Claire Collins



All of our super hero team can be contacted via the main office on 0208 3177659, via email or if you are a parent already at the school, then contact your super hero's class teacher directly using Parent Mail.