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Summer 2 Week 7 (18th July- 21st July).

This week (our last of the school year), we welcomed Craig into our class on Monday.  He settled very quickly. We all worked very hard to finish our class text (Leon and the place between) by rewriting most of the text in our own words and then completely changing the ending using our imaginations.


We have had a fantastic year full of hard work, fun and laughter.


I wish you all a safe and enjoyable Summer holiday and I can't wait to see you all in Waterside in September (whether you are in my class or another).


Mr Macey

Summer 2 Week 6 (11th July- 15th July).

This week we were sad to close our doors to students at the start of the week but Mr Macey posted lots of interesting lessons and activities for our class on our google virtual classroom.


We were glad to reopen on Thursday and had a visit from an ice-cream van! We finished the week spectacularly with an amazing trip to Minnis Bay where we enjoyed the sunshine on a sandy beach and we all paddled and used Mrs Asker's paddleboard in the sea.

Summer 2 Week 5 (4th July- 8th July).

We have had a very interesting and exciting week at in Wicks class this week. We welcomed our new T.A. (Mrs Laken) and were really happy to have Miss Brock come and visit us. Sadly Reece moved on to another class, we spent a lot of time with Gilbert classand we had to say goodbye to Romario.



Summer 2 Week 4 (27th June- 1st July).

This week our afternoon lessons have been very busy. In science we learnt about the next stage of pollination: flowers turning into fruit or vegetables. We looked at a wide selection of fruit, drew them and then cut them to look inside. Some of us even made paintings to take home.


In computing we considered the controls of existing programmes that other people had made and learnt how to use parts of their code in our own programmes.


For RE we used an atlas to find places that Sikhism is practiced around the world and made our own maps to show this.


We are approaching the end of our Zones of Regulation scheme of work and today we thought about the yellow zone. We considered how we know we are in that zone (based of appearance, feelings etc), how we act in that zone and considered things that we can try and do to move ourselves back towards the green zone.


All the children are currently studying money in maths and in English we are learning different tools to imagine and write the emotions that characters are feeling.

Summer 2 Week 3 (20th June- 24th June).

This week has been "cultural week" at Waterside and what a week we have had!

Most days we have done an activity to build towards and have the most amazing carnival feast on Friday.


We did lots of art and crafts such as making masks and headdresses as well as preparing food for the whole class to enjoy (fruit punch). We also learnt a dance routine and learnt to play different types of drums.


Meanwhile, in maths Dennie has been learning time (including the days of the week and months) and Freddie and Reece have continued learning about money.


We have also learnt about pollination in science and pulse, rhythm and pitch in music. 

Our drum workshop.

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The final trick of the magic show

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Summer 2 Week 2 (13th June- 17th June).

This week had a magical start: literally! Mr Macey dressed up as a magician in a cloak and learnt a routine of 4 tricks...the boys all gave a ticket and were shown to their seats. We then used the idea of a big top / circus / magic show as a setting for our English work.


In science, we are continuing to look at the parts of flowers. We explored the school garden and took photos of the different parts we could find. We then made our own model plants, making sure we knew the differences between the Stigma and Stamen.


In maths, Dennie has worked hard on telling the time. Meanwhile Reece and Freddie were adding money using different methods and will now start subtracting money, too.


We are really excited for our Carnival theme week next week. Don't forget to e=wear bright colours on Friday!

Summer 2 Week 1 (6th June- 10th June)

We have had an interesting first week back at Waterside following our half term break.


We have had interesting experiences of strange tickets turning up in the classroom at strange times. This has prompted us into thinking and writing about our own experiences with ticketed events. We even designed our own tickets for real-life events.


Dennie has moved on to naming and ordering 3 digit numbers in maths and Reece and Freddie have been using column addition to add money.


In science we have started to study plants and have observed and drawn flowers that we found in our school grounds. We have also begun writing computer programmes to move sprites around a screen and compared rich and poor Victorians in topic.

Summer 1 Week 6 (23rd-27th May 2022).

This week was full of mixed emotions as we say goodbye to our TA, Miss Brock who is retiring today: Best of luck! We also started our Jubilee celebrations, too.


We all went to the hall to simulate a traditional "street party" and enjoyed some arts, crafts, finger food and even jelly and ice-cream! The biggest surprise (even for Miss Brock) was that she was coronated and treated like a Queen.


We have also worked very hard this week. We have now finished our poetry unit based on Jim: an extraordinary tale. Look at these fantastic warning poems!


Summer 1 Week 3 (2/5/22 to 6/5/22)

This week we have had a fantastic week again. We enjoyed having an extra day off for the bank holiday and then got straight back into our work. We have now finished reading our long poem: "Jim, a cautionary tale". We made a long video adding sound effects to a reading of the poem using a variety of instruments.



We also looked at pictures of Queen Victoria and guessed what type of person she might have been. We planned and did a fantastic science experiment to see how weight affects the force needed to overcome friction and did the penultimate lesson in our branching database sequence.

Summer 1 Week 2 (25/4/22 to 29/4/22)

In English we have had a great week doing lots of work with our poetry book "Jim: a cautionary tale". We worked together to recite and record the parts of the poem that we have read so far and we used musical instruments to sound out the number of syllables that we hear in a word.

In maths we have been working on solving word problems involving volume and capacity.

We have also learnt how different Christians worship their God, done a science experiment to see how the surface of a slope affects how far a tractor we roll down it will travel. We learnt how to put our problems in perspective in Zones, too.


I hope everyone has a fun and safe bank holiday and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 3rd May.

Summer 1 Week 1 (19th April 2022 to 22nd April 2022).

We have a had a very settled and hard working first week back in class this week full of learning and fun. We are looking forward to starting our new Literacy book on Monday and prepared ourselves for it by doing work on warning signs and safety posters.

In maths we spent a lesson practicing our times table skills and exploring how to extend unusual patterns. We also learnt how best to measure volume accurately and how volume is different to capacity.

Spring term 2 Week 5 (20th March - 25th March 2022).

This week we celebrated STEM week by doing a mini-experiment everyday and doing a STEM task each day. We were learning all about British Scientists, made a robot that could show emotions using only paper, walked on eggs barefooted, made balloon kekabs with a skewer and many other exciting things.


Dennie started to multiply for the first time and Reece and Freddie applied their Mass knowledge to word problems.


We are going to be sad to finish our Fox and Star book next week but can't wait to write our own poems about it.

STEM Photos

Spring term 2 Week 4 (14th March - 18th March 2022).

This week, Wicks have done a wide range of different activities. We started a new Maths unit (mass) which included using scales to accurately measure objects. We found it tricky to remember that 1000g = 1 Kg, not 100g!


We also painted the clay foxes that we made last week (aren't they fantastic?).


Finally, we celebrated red nose day by completing an obstacle course, sticking a red nose on Mr Collard's face, painting our faces and wearing red noses!

Spring term 2 Week 3 (7th March - 11th March 2022).

This week, as ever, we had a really exciting week and the class worked very hard. We did a fantastic science experiment in which we saw how 6 different rocks reacted to vinegar and whether or not they were permeable to water.


We have continued to write about the book The Fox And The Star in literacy. As a special reward we used clay to make models of foxes and we can't wait to paint them next week.


We have also now started our next music unit of work in which we are learning to play different notes on a glockenspiel whilst listening and following the pulse.

Spring term 2 Week 2 (28th February to 4th March 2022).

This week we have been very busy in Wicks class. We . In science we carried on with our rocks work and in particular we used information sheets to label unknown samples of rock based on their properties.


We celebrated World Book Day (as can be seen in my post yesterday).


In our literacy lessons we physically recreated an emotional scene and tried to imagine the emotions that the fox in our story might be feeling. We used these emotions to make missing "person" posters and to write a letter recommending Fox what to do.


In PSHE we set goals to improve our health and fitness.



Thursday 3rd March.

Today we celebrated World Book Day in Wicks class. Many of us dressed up as woodland creatures and Mr Collard treated everyone to a book to keep and take home.

Spring 2 Week 1 (21st February 2022):

After having Monday off for a staff training day, Wicks class returned and settled straight back into their routines. We have had a great week exploring the difference between facts and opinions (including sharing some fantastic facts about stars). We started a new unit on rocks in which we observed and drew 6 different rocks. We practiced asking and answering yes/no questions in computing and found out why the Neolithic period was so important in our human past.


Over the course of the week woodland creatures have begun to creep into the classroom...could this be anything to do with our upcoming whole-school reading book next week?


In maths some children have been converting different units of measurement and some students have been using different resources to represent increasingly large numbers (up to 40).


Finally, well done to our stars of the week Dennie and Freddie. Extra special was that Dennie got the star of the week for the whole school! 

Tuesday 8th February 2022.

Mental Health Week.

This week we are talking about mental health everyday and doing short activities to support our own mental health. Today we did the "Scribble Challenge" which asked us to breathe deeply with our eyes closed. We then draw a small scribble with a felt tip. When we opened our eyes we tried to turn our scribbles into a picture. What will we do tomorrow?


Friday 4th February 2022:- Number Day Today we celebrated by wearing clothes with numbers on and solving number problems (using coins and number sheets)in our maths lesson.

Wednesday 2nd February 2022.

Today we used our imaginations to re-enact a very exciting part of our class text: ocean meets sky. We were using everyday objects in unusual ways. Look at this snippets, below! 


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Wednesday 26th January 2022.

Miss Brock wanted to share some of her Scottish heritage with the class so she kindly brought in some vegetarian haggis, gravy, neeps and tatties to celebrate Burn's night.


Wednesday 26th January 2022.

Today the class worked together with good teamwork to design and build a boat out of everyday materials. We thought about what materials would be suitable for each part of the boat and how the boat would be seaworthy.

Tuesday 25th January 2022.

Today our class went on a scavenger hunt around the school trying to find items that our main character, Finn, could use to build a boat. We explored the emotions that Finn might be feeling having lost his Grandpa and then came up with creative ways to use the items that we found.

Friday 14th January 2022.

Problem solving on a Friday.

Yesterday all of the class finished a unit of work so we all spent our maths lesson problem solving ready to start our new units on Monday!

Wednesday 5th January 2022.

Today a very mysterious box appeared in our class. We knew it was a clue for our new Literacy Tree book. We opened the box and found lots of interesting items. We tried to guess what the story might be about and the relationship that might exist between the people we could see in the photograph. Finally we labelled a picture in our books making sure to use some amazing adjectives!

Tuesday 14th December 2021

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Today in English we learnt about how to recite poetry. We heard a very famous Christmas poem "Twas the night before Christmas" and made our own version!

Friday 10th December

Today the whole class dressed up in our Christmas jumpers and had a very special assembly. We listened to the nativity story and added our decorations to the tree. We all had fun trying to guess the punchline to Christmas jokes and had a sing-song with Mr Griffiths and Mr Collard, too. 

Friday 3rd December 2021

Today Miss Brock prepared an art activity. The school Christmas tree looked a little empty so we made these fantastic sheep out of paper plates, wool and pieces of card.

Don't they look great!?

Tuesday 30th November 2021.

Today we had an amazing science lesson. First, we learnt some important vocabulary. Then we went to the playground and role played the various parts of the body that are involved in the circulation system. This really helped us to understand how it works. Finally, those of us with a stronger stomach came into class and watched a video of a real-life heart beating!

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Wednesday 24th November 2021.

This week we worked really hard in our computing lesson. We used a program on Ipads called Imotion to take lots of pictures of toys and other objects. For each picture we moved the objects very slightly. At the end the software put together all of our pictures into a stop-motion-animation.


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Friday 19th November 2021.

Today we concluded our cultural week activities by taking part in Mr Toke's traditional Mexican "hat dance" dancing lesson. We had great fun copying the moves and changing the main move for each chorus.


Monday 8th November 2021.

Today we commemorated Remembrance Sunday by having an assembly, discussion and listening to the last post.

It was very special.


Tuesday 2nd November 2021.

Today we heard a rumour that there were monsters hiding throughout the school so we went to investigate! We saw strange tails sticking out from their hiding places and took them back to class. We noticed that they were dragons' tails and explored what we knew, thought we knew and want to learn about them.


We can't wait to start our new Literacy Tree lessons: The Dragon Machine!


Tuesday 19th October 2021

Today was the final lesson of our light unit. We have learnt so much including about shadows. We all made shadow puppets and put on a special performance for our class mates!

Monday 18th October 2021.

Mr Collard noticed that we had been working very hard in class and thought we could do with a little cheering up. We finished our work quickly and found the time to make our own rolls!


In Maths we have been learning that we can use different methods to solve a problem. We created a lovely wall display for the whole school to see 4 ways to use addition:

-Number lines





Can you think of other ways?

Fire! Run!
Our class wall looks amazing! We created advice posters to warn London about the risks that a fire would bring and how to help prevent them from spreading.

The Great Fire of London.

In our literacy tree lessons we will be learning about the great fire of London. To start the unit we have been imagining trips to see some London landmarks. We worked hard to write, redraft and create postcards. When they were finished we took them to a real post office and posted them to our families!