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nest Assessment & 6 Day Provision

Welcome to nest Assessment & 6 Day Provision


Waterside offers nest (our suspension provision and assessment base, which hosts super heroes from around the Borough) at the main Waterside building.


Our aim is to lower the rate of fixed term exclusions from around the Borough. We want to work with our colleagues in mainstream primary - using our Outreach team as well as offering behavioural management/conduct management courses, to help them support their individual super heroes as well as their families, when behaviour becomes an issue.


One of the greatest problems facing the world today is the growing number of persons who are excluded from meaningful participation in the economic, social, political and cultural life of their communities. Such a society is neither efficient nor safe.


We understand that schools and their families can find challenging behaviours difficult to manage within a mainstream setting, and that sometimes, the only solution is to suspend a pupil for a period of time. 


Our nest team at Waterside, work with the excluded super hero and their school, to ensure that they receive a quality education during their time away from their host school. They meet with the Head of School of Waterside, who takes short term responsibility for the suspended super hero and together with the highly qualified staff, work on ensuring a smooth and painless transition back into mainstream provision - whether that is their current school or not.


The work of the team has been recognised as some of the best provision offered and is valued highly by colleagues across the Borough.


If your super hero (child), is suspended, you will receive a call from a member of the Waterside team to arrange provision, answer questions and deal with your anxieties. The host school will also receive a call from the team to ascertain levels, conduct issues and lots of other really useful information about the super hero.


If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly, and we will answer them for you.




If your super hero has been identified in needing a short term assessment space (maximum of 6 weeks), this can be arranged by their home school via PFAP (Primary Fair Access Panel). Your school make a referral to the panel who sit every 2 weeks. The panel decide if there is enough information to make the right decision for your super hero.


If they do come to Waterside - the process is different to suspension as :

  • the home school agree to provide a full time member of school staff to work with the super hero and our team, so that they can learn how we manage behaviour and mirror our expectations
  • once a week, a member of the school community (including the head teacher) visit us at Waterside so that the super hero is still attached to them, and knows that they will be returning
  • each week, the team at Waterside provide an overview of the triggers, the standard of work and progress made so that the school is ready to receive them at the end of six weeks with all the knowledge they need
  • we begin to transfer your super hero back to their home school over a 2 week period and we ensure that they are all confident in moving forward


Since we started this work, the success rate for super heroes staying within their home school and no longer being suspended is immense.



Summer 1

SAT’s preparation

This term we will be covering:

English reading papers,


Maths Arithmetic, and reasoning questions.

Computing - using Scratch, WeDo and Spike Lego to complete programming and coding tasks 

Art - Collage - Paul Klee inspired , city scape 

PSHE - relationships - responsibilities, friendship and keeping ourselves safe on line

History - Religion and Rituals  - Stone Age- Iron Age 

Science - Electricity 

Zones of Regulation- me in my zones 

Week 5 

SAT’s week 

Spring 2  2024 

The children in Nest class are transitioning back into mainstream school the first week, 

so we will be finishing up the last few lessons of Maths which is multiplication and division focusing on times tables, during English the book Beowulf and Zones of regulation to help us with how we are feeling at different times of the day. 


Spring 1 2024

English – The Story of Tutankhamun

The children will learn the  Story of Tutankhamun delves into the history of the famous boy king. From theories around his death to the discovery of his lost tomb. This book departs knowledge about the ancient history of the Egyptian royalty and some of the mysteries that surround this period of time.

The children will be creating step by step instructions on how to mummify a tomato, warning posters, letters, and biographies, as well as producing some other wonderful pieces of work.


English - Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo

The children will learn the  story of courage a hero Beowulf who defeats the  monster of the night, Grendel. It has been told for over a thousand years. It is set in the fifth century in the Norse lands, which are now known as Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Using this text the children  will cover Homophones, similes, metaphors. letter writing giving advice and a diary entry covering the journey across the sea.     


Maths : MNP Multiplication and division 

the children will be learning inverse operations to help with calculations 


History – Ancient Egyptians

The children will learn about historical time lines leading up to the Ancient Egyptians. They will discover how to use hieroglyphics and investigate many of the different benefits the Ancient Egyptians gained from the River Nile. They will also model the varying types of ancient pyramids.


Art: Exploring Art unit 2

During our Art lessons this half term, the children will be creating their own works of art using a variety of materials and methods.

Pop Art animals, The Ink Tiger, Cardboard Lion 


Science - States of matter

The children will be learning about solids liquids and gases, making rain, how to read temperatures, condensation, evaporation and how some materials change shape when heated and cooled.


PHSE – Dreams and Goals

The children will show understanding that some people face a variety of challenges in life, yet are still able to achieve their goals. They will practice showing empathy for others and imagine how they would feel when they achieve their own dreams and goals in the future.


 Zones Of Regulation 

The children  will be looking at  how to became more aware of their own feelings and emotions, how these can impact on others and also how to manage them in order to remain calm and be able to learn.




Autumn 2  2023

This half term there is a whole school visit to Frameless in London, towards the end of the term the children will be taking part in lots of activities, including a carol event for parents and carers.


English - Pig the Pug and The Tin Forest 

Pig the Pug is a story about sharing and being kind .

We will look at solving problems, giving advice and using contractions.

The Tin Forest is a story about an old man who lives on his own and recycles other peoples rubbish into a tin forest of his dreams. We will be looking at prepositions, diary writing  and different emotions of the old man through out the book.



Y1 is number  bonds to 20

Y4 s addition and subtraction


Computing - Digital Painting

We will be learning to paint with computers using shape and lines and will compare computer art and real art.


R.E. Christianity - Why do Christians believe God gave Jesus to the world?

we will be thinking about why the world needs special care and that Christians may believe that Jesus was sent to save the world.

We will also cover the Christmas story and explain that Christians believe that Jesus was a gift from God.

This will also be covered in our Christmas Tree assembly.


P.S.H.E - Celebrating differences

We will learn to accept that everyone is different, to understand what bullying is and how to help someone if they are being bullied.


Art  Exploring Art unit 1 

We  will be learning how to create abstract painting using acrylic paints.


Zones of Regulation

We will be learning about our feelings and emotions, be able to say they are feeling, how to manage their emotions and how our actions can impact on us and others.

we  will create a chart to show how we are feeling at different times during the day.