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Outreach Referral

Outreach Referral

Waterside Outreach Service endeavours to support Greenwich schools to remove barriers to learning for individuals or groups who are demonstrating social, emotional and/or mental health difficulties.


If you are considering referring (or re-referring) a child to us, please download the behaviour tracker at the bottom of this page and complete it over a two week period. This helps schools to identify key behaviours and triggers as well as speeding up our referrals process.


After completing the below referral form, and the behaviour tracker, a member of the Outreach team will be in contact to arrange an initial observation. This is likely to result in an offer of level 1 support.


Level 1 support actions include:

  • Support with current routines and systems
  • Sharing of strategies and practices
  • Advice as well as recommendations regarding other services/support mechanisms


Should further support be required, we will consider offering direct support to the individual or group referred. This support will work in conjunction with referring school as well as parents/carers to ensure a ‘wrap-around’ approach is provided.


Should you have any queries, please contact Andrew: 


Best wishes,


Neal and the Outreach team


Behaviour Tracker - please download and complete prior to referral

To send us your referral details, please click / tap on the link below and it will take you through to our on-line referral and behavioural checklist.


Please complete and click / tap send to Waterside Outreach.


One of the team will be in contact asap.