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A message from Outreach

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our outreach team has been unable to support children in your schools as usual. Now the team is based back in the Waterside building, we are revisiting current cases and the referrals waiting list.


Outreach staff who were working in your school before the 23rd March 2020 will be in touch shortly to discuss cases.


As returning children are currently attending school in small groups, we anticipate that many of the behaviours that resulted in pupils being referred for outreach support could be less disruptive, or even occur less than in a pre-lockdown classroom setting. We are also mindful of the possibility that children who would not previously have needed outreach support, may do so once they have settled back into school. In order to ensure we are well-placed to respond to the needs of any child who is struggling once they are back in school in September - in whatever form that may be - we will be taking the following steps over the coming months:


  • using our website to provide evidence-based resources for schools to use with children who are struggling with anxiety​
  • increasing the availability of our outreach team for telephone/online discussion at a pre-referral stage
  • reviewing all active cases as usual; considering which cases are ongoing needs at school and which may need to be restarted after settling in September
  • archiving referrals that are currently on the waiting list/have not yet started working with a team member
  • increasing the capacity of the team to respond to urgent, newly developed, need

We understand that schools may be worried about the archiving of cases on the waiting list. The outreach team will be available by phone to talk through suggestions for supporting transition back into school and if previously-referred children need support once they have had a chance to settle into their class in the autumn term, fresh assessments will be made as resources allow. 


Please contact Rebecca ( if you have any queries.


Best wishes,


Neal and the Outreach team


To send us your referral details, please click / tap on the link below and it will take you through to our on-line referral and behavioural checklist.


Please complete and click / tap send to Waterside Outreach.


One of the team will be in contact asap.