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nest Assessment & 6 Day Provision

Summer 2 week 5

This week we tried a new activity in the morning called 5 a day- no not fruit and vegetables, but dance and exercise for 5 mins then a cool down.

Everyone agreed it was fun and it is now going to be part of our school day.

Maths we are still looking at shape, this week the focus was on repeating patterns. We enjoyed using geo boards and magnetics to make 2D and 3D shapes.

English we used different prepositions and conjunctions to write a captains log.

Computing we programmed four different sprites to move in the same program when we pressed the green flag.

P.E. We were practicing our athletic skills, for sports day next week.

Summer 2 week 4 

This week was Creative week, our focus was the book, Where the wild things are. 
As well as our usual morning lessons we had a fun filled week .
Monday was acting making books come alive and  mask making.

Tuesday we created salt dough monsters, cooked them then decorated them.

Wednesday, first we painted without using paint brushes, instead we used broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, mushrooms carrots and spinach leaves. Secondly we made boats using cocktail sticks, apples and cheese for the sails, everyone enjoyed eating these and got to take some home.

Thursday, Blocko group came in and worked with all the classes, we all had a chance to dance and play the drums. This was put together as a whole school performance in the afternoon. 
Friday was a working INSET day for the Teachers but a well earned day off for us.

Summer 2 week 3 

It has been a busy very hot week. Victor was with us for the week. 
English this week we have been looking at prepositions, verbs and adverbs.

Maths this week we were focusing on 3D shapes and finding lines of symmetry in given shapes.

Computing we have been working on Scratch to make our sprites move using less bricks and changing the value.

Art we used different items to make patterns, but really enjoyed painting our hands to make patterns.

Zones we focused on being able to identify which emotion the characters were showing when watching a clip from finding Nemo.

But best of all we have really enjoyed the ice poles that have helped keep us cool. 
Next week it is creative week, so we are looking forward to having a fun filled week, with lots of different activities.

Summer 2 week 2 

English - Our new Literacy Tree text is Ocean meets sky by the Fan Brothers.

A box was delivered that has Grandpa’s Stuff written on it. We found a hat, a sailing boat, a fishing boat, some shells a picture and a note book that said Grandpas stories for Finn in the box.

Maths - This week we have been looking at 2 D shapes, square, triangle rectangle and polygons.

Also we now know how to count the amount of sides and vertices on each shape. 
Science - was to test materials to see which ones were waterproof and suitable to repair the ripped umbrella.

Computing we are programming a Sprite using joining blocks to make an algorithm. 


Summer 2 week 1

Welcome back after a nice short break.

A new pupil arrived in the Nest on Friday. Welcome  to J, who will be with us until the end of this term.

Summer 1 week 6

Wow, what a week not only saying goodbye and good luck to Freddie who has been a super star, we had a visit from OFSTED.

Freddie managed to complete his year 2  SAT’s papers.
Look at how much Freddie enjoys using the sensory circuit every morning, getting him ready to start his day.

As Freddie was at his mainstream school Mrs Robinson has been working in the Nook and in Year 6 those days. 

Friday, was a special treat we made chocolate chip cookies and had an ice cream van visit the school to celebrate the end of term.

Thank you to Mr Collard.

Summer 1week 5

What a busy week this week has been for everyone (and again next week)  year 2 SATs and whole school assessments. Monday Freddie started his transition back to his mainstream school. 
We have read some more about the Naughty bus and wait to find out what will happen next.
 On Friday we celebrated the end of Mental health week watching a film.

Summer 1 Week 4

A very busy week this week. Another 4 day week, because of the extra bank holiday for the coronation of King Charles III. Year 6 have been doing their SATs. So we have had lots of changes in our routine (and not many chances to take pictures of our great work)  but we have coped very well.

In English - we have been sequencing events, and describing what has happened in each picture. Maths - is measuring in centimetres and looking at more than > and less than < symbols.

Computing - we have been programming the Beebots and predicting the place that we think it will stop at.

Zones - we have been looking at how our mood can impact other people and vice versa.

Summer 1 week 3 

A short but very busy 4 day week.

This week we read our book The Naughty Bus. Our writing task was to write a letter to the Naughty Bus explaining our school rules.
On Wednesday we travelled by train to the London Eye. We saw lots of flags in the stations and around London as well. That was very exciting.

From inside the pod we could see all around London, lots of busses, some had open tops, trains, boats on the river Thames, the Houses of Parliament , the people looked very small when we were right at the top. We stopped on the South bank and had our picnic lunch on the grass, then we played in the park before getting the train back to school. Some of use had very tired legs.

Maths - We have been measuring in centimetres and finding more than and less than.

Computing- Using Bee bots, we predicted where we thought they would end up, then programmed them to move around to see if we were correct. 

Art - We decorated our crowns and coasters, using paint, shiny squares and  gems.

Friday - Our assembly this week we celebrated the coronation for King Charles III. Watching a presentation of what’s going to be happening in London on Saturday We had a whole school breakfast, sausage, bacon, eggs, beans, hash browns, bread and butter. Then we had the chance to be the king and sit on a throne with a crown and sceptre, we were given a special pencil and a coin to celebrate this special event, that hasn’t happened for 70 years. 
Lastly, we all listened to music and got up to show our dance moves.

Hope you have another wonderful long weekend, and are ready to see what next week has in store for us. 

Summer 1 week 2

English this week we had 2 presents arrive, when we unwrapped them, we found inside 2 red London busses. We have been thinking and talking about what we all know about busses, who uses them, how you can pay for them and where you can go to on a bus.

Miss Sutton was our bus driver, we all had a ride including Mr Collard, and we sang the wheels on the bus. It was great fun.

Maths we have been measuring in meters and centimetres.

We had a special assembly this week, we all had the opportunity to listen and try the sensory circuits that we are going to be able to use every morning if we need it when we arrive at school.

PSHE we looked at what it is to be a good friend.

Science, we had fun discovering that magnets attract and repel, also that not all metals are magnetic.

We have been looking at how to give instructions to get the bee bots to move in a sequence from one place to another in computing.


Summer 1 Week 1 

This term nest class welcomes Freddie and we are focusing on:

English - We have been focusing on verbs, adverb, adjectives and nouns, before we start our new book, The Naughty Bus.

Maths - this week we are looking at measuring in meters, maths games and turn taking.

PSHE our topic this term is Relationships. The focus this week was talking about families.

Science - Everyday Materials, we sorted some items into their properties and place them in their groups.

Computing - this week we had to give and follow our partners instructions.

Mindfullness - we talked about the picture we had made whilst listing to the music and relaxing .


Spring 2 week 6

 English this week we looked at alternative words for unhappy and lost. Daniel used dictionary and a thesaurus to help him, find out what each words meaning and a different word to use in his writing.

Victor continued to work on his planning and colouring the background for his  poem Change Sings 

Maths we covered comparing volume 

Science was fun- we used a balloon at create static electricity and lift our hair and then made a can move across the classroom floor,  we made a lava lamps and finally we looked at magnets  and the fun we could have discovering both the north and south poles and their reaction together and to other metal objects.

Computing was using the Wedo lego sets to make a fan, a snail and programming them to move and change colour.

Art Daniel used natural materials to make his mobile using winding techniques with wool round sticks, that we assembled to make a hanging mobile. 

P.E. practicing our throwing and catching skills before having a game of dodge ball.

As it was our last day before the Easter holidays, we had great fun at an Easter egg hunt and made nests using chocolate, Rice Krispies and mini eggs.

Spring 2 week 5 

This week we welcome Daniel into nest class

We have been looking at our emotions in our zones lessons 

English we listened and predicted what we thought we could hear and what our new book could be about. 
Maths we have been converting grams into kilo grams, and using TT rockstars to help with our timetables. 

Science - we found out about static electricity and how a balloon could lift our hair and also move a tin can after being rubbed on our clothing.

computing this week we used WeDo Lego creation to make a snail and a fan.

Have a look at the lava lamp that Daniel has made.

During our golden time Daniel chose to use play dough to make a model of himself.

Spring 2 week 4

no pupils in nest this week 

Spring 2 week 3

Transition week back to his main stream school for Maison  

no other pupils 

Spring 2 week 2

This week began with the hook for our whole school book Change Sings.
The  assembly was interrupted by a huge delivery of instrument cases. Every class received an instrument in a case and a book covered in material, the book is called Change Sings, by the poet Amanda Gorman. 
During our English lessons this week we have been looking at how we can change, ourselves and things in the world, to make it a better place. We have written our own Chang is …. Poem.

Victor enjoyed playing the trumpet and the ukulele.

On Thursday, we had a visit from Hope not Hate and learnt how important it is to be respectful to each other. Also we celebrated world book day, lots of us dressed as our favourite characters, and received a book at the end of the day to take home.

Phonics - this week we have learnt the sounds and used plasticine to make the letters, s, a, m and d.

PSHE - we have been looking at how exercise and and a balanced healthy diet are good for us.

History - we have been focusing on monarchs and ordering them on a timeline.

Science - we had fun making electrical circuits and looked at static electricity that  can move a can around the room, after being rubbed on clothing.

Spring 2 week 1 

The first day back after half term, our assembly on Monday was all about Lent. We have been thinking about what we would give up for Lent, biscuits and crisps were the most popular choices.

We will let you know how we get on .

Tuesday we had pancakes, which were delicious, some of year 5 and 6 six joined us. Everyone enjoyed squirting the cream on the blueberries and chocolate buttons, some of us just had lemon and sugar. 
English - this week we have been using similes to describe the iron man parts, and writing a news report using speech marks.

Maths - we started time and was able to read the time in five minute intervals.

History - is Egyptians. Our first task was to put the dates in order on a timeline, then we found Egypt on a map. Looking at some books about the Egyptians was really interesting, this lead us to make some beads out of salt dough and then painted it, we are going to make it into a necklace.

Computing - is looking what is a digital device and what happens when input and output are used on digital devices.

P.E. This term is wall and net games. We have started to learn how position our hands when playing volleyball. Some children used a balloon and others used a ball.

Spring 1  week 6

 Children's mental health week, the whole school celebrated together with a mindfulness and  relaxation assembly to begin the week, to end the week, we watched the film Inside Out. 

English - We have made information leaflets about penguins and apostrophes and conjunctions to use in our writing.

Maths - we have been working on word problems and how we need to use steps to get to the answer.

This week we said goodbye to Ife as he has been with us for 6 weeks, we hope he enjoyed his time with us. 




Spring 1 week 5

English - this week, we discovered a lost penguin and other animals in the classroom. In response to finding, them we wrote questions to find out information about them, then we made found tags for them. The animals were sad, so we used a thesaurus to help us find alternative words to use instead of sad.

Math - word problems using multiplication and division. 

R.E -this term we have been looked at Islam, to help us find out how prayer helps Muslim’s focus. We learnt that Muslim's pray five times a day. We had a prayer mat that had a compass in it that pointed in the direction of Mecca and there are different stages of prayer.

History - was to compare the differences and similarities between Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.

Art - was to make  a wind chime using coloured beads.


Spring 1 week 4 

This week we have welcomed two new pupils, Victor who is with us for this week and Maisonette who will be with us for the next six weeks.

English - this week we had to plan and edit our nocturnal animal story, then type it up on the computer.

Maths - we looked at multiplication and division and number bonds 

History - The children had the task of moving around the class room as if they were in the boat that Christopher Columbus travelled in on the sea, then they compared it to the way Neil Armstrong travelled to the moon. 
Art - was weaving on a card and using an hoop for a weaving frame, (this we will finish next session) and making a mobile using natural materials.

Computing - was to programme the bee bots then debug our programming if needed to get it to go where we wanted it to go. Then we designed our own maps, which we used to program the bee bots to go to and from.

P.E. This week was badminton skills.

Friday was Maisons birthday, so we had a little party at lunch time to celebrate him being 8.

Spring 1 week 3 

This week we have worked hard on inverse operations during maths. English - we had to reorder the events of the book Fox and the Star. 
Computing - this week was to use the bee bots. The task was to programme each one to  travel from place to place on the mats and to make our own grids.

Art-  this week we were weaving with natural materials. 
History  - we learnt what Neil Armstrong had to do to become an astronaut and about his journey to the moon.
P.E.-  Was putting the tennis skills together to play a match.

During our zones lesson this week, (watching a clip of both Charlie Brown and finding Nemo) we have seen and discovered how one person’s emotions can have a positive or negative effect on others.

Ife made chocolate cake this week during our cooking lesson.
Lastly, we said goodbye to Sapphire who has been with us for just over 6 weeks, she is going back to Morden Mount. 

Spring1 Week 2

This has been a busy week. We have had a great time playing bingo in our Zones lesson, have a look at our photos and see if you can guess which emotion Ife is demonstrating.

History this week we made a time line of famous people, then we focused on Christopher Columbus and where he travelled and what he discovered.

R.E. This week we have been doing exercises when the chimes bar has been hit ( it was five different occasions each day) we have mixed emotions if it was helpful or annoying, when it chimed today as we were busy working, we will be finding out more about why we have done this, this week.

Fox needed our help this week to make a lost poster, to help him find star. Mr Moon and Ife sent Fox a letter to  give him some ideas of how to find his lost star.

We had some more practice using a bat and ball, getting us ready to be able to play a game of tennis by the end of this term.

Science  was fun this week as we had to see which beak was best to pick up the food ( our beaks were chopsticks, a peg, a spoon, toothpick and  tweezers. The food was pipe cleaners, beans, rice, raisins and marbles.

For golden time this week was cooking and using the VRs.

Spring 1 Week 1

Welcome back, hope you had an enjoyable rest.

This term we are focusing on 

English - Literacy tree text The Fox and the Star

Maths - we have been looking at year 6 reasoning questions and year 2 have been working on the two times tables 

Art  - we are using natural materials to create weaving designs 

Science - We will be looking at living things and their habitats

History and Geography- We will look at the 5 Oceans and 7 Continents. Then discover explorers that are famous for more than 5 minutes.

Computing - in these lessons we will work on giving and following instructions and debugging any issues.

R.E. - we are learning about Islam

P.E. This term is net and wall skills, this weeks focus was tennis and how to hold and control the use of a racket 

We are using Zones of Regulation to give us skills to build a tool box to help with our emotions.

Nest class welcomes our new pupil Ife for the next 6 weeks.

Autumn 2 - week 7

Last week of the Autumn term

After a long and fun filled term we need our rest to recharge and be ready for the new term ahead.

This term we have worked really hard, having pupils arrive and leave. 
We said goodbye to David and wished him well on his return to Hawksmoor School.
We had Sapphire join for the next 6 weeks and Reece from Cedar class join us.

What a surprise to wake up to on Monday morning… snow!!

Science - Checking our rainfall experiment was difficult as they were covered with snow, but we did manage to get some pictures, we also made a windsock, but as it had snowed a lot we couldn’t go outside to test them.

Maths - we have been looking at multiplying decimals, dividing with remainders and word problems.

We had some down time made Christmas cards watched a movie over a couple of lunch times as unable to be outside.

Using a ruler to draw straight lines- we found very tricky, but after a lot of practice we achieved our objective … eventually! 

Also this week we had our celebration assembly and Christmas dinner. 
nest class and I would like to wish you all a happy Christmas and look forward to having a great 2023


Autumn 2 week 6

This week we had our Christmas tree assembly. We listened to the story of Joseph and Mary travelling to Bethlehem, and about the birth of Jesus. Each class put their decorations that they had made on the tree when it was their turn. Nest class made sheep using popcorn in various ways, threading on string and using plastic bags. Some were made using tissue paper and googly eyes.

Sadly it is David's last week with us in nest, he is returning to his own school.

English - we have been looking at speech marks and using alternative words for said.

Maths - Reece was dividing with remainders and Sapphire was working on multiplication.

Science - we made a rain gauge to measure the rain fall over the next week.

Our fun activity this week was making rice crispy cakes to share. 

Not forgetting our placemats and some cards for Christmas lunch.

But the best day was Christmas jumper day when we had some parents in one afternoon to listen to our Carol singing. 

Autumn 2week 5

English this week we have been offering advice to the boy to help him find out who the penguin belongs too.

we also finished making our igloo home for the penguin.

Maths - Sapphire has been working on prime, composite, square and cubed numbers 

-Reece has been working on division with remainders

-David has been looking at ordering numbers from largest to smallest 

Science - we have looked at shadows, making different shadow animals with our hands and then cut out images for a puppet scene

Art- we have made a sheep using popcorn and a sheep with tissue paper to hang on the Christmas tree in our Christmas assembly on Monday 

Have a look at our stain glass cookies and colourful biscuits- they tasted delicious 


Autumn 2 week 4

This week we welcome our new student,  Sapphire into nest class.

English - we have been looking at contractions and making a leaflet about penguins. We have started to make an igloo, using milk bottles,for the penguin to live in.

Maths - David has been working on more than or less than 

             Sapphire has been working on multiplication 

P.E - both pupils had fun creating a sequence in gymnastics 

Science - we have looked at the different seasons 

Art - using natural materials this week we have tried sewing and learnt how to knit.



Autumn 2 week 3

A penguin arrived today and he had some friends that are lost. David using other words to describe lonely and lost.  He wrote tags for the other animals to ask for help to find new owners for the fox, bear and the seal.

Maths we have been looking at more than and less than and ordering numbers.

Art we are still focusing on weaving this time in a circle.

We have been learning about the different seasons, the weather and what clothing is most suitable to wear.

Cooking  this week with Orrin, was making chocolate chip cookies, focusing on following instructions, listening and taking turns.

The magnetic was fun when we discovered we could make lots of different shapes. 


Autumn 2 week 2

This week we discovered a Penguin in our classroom, with a label saying 'Lost'. David wanted to know what it eats, where it lives and was it lost? Will we find out next week?

Maths we have been looking at equals, more than and less than.

Geography we named the continents and the oceans, then put the animals on the map where we thought they would live.

Our Art lesson this week was to use a cardboard weaving loom to create patterns, using natural materials. 
Having a friend to join us in class, for the afternoon was really nice. Using our listening skills we followed instructions to make cakes.
We also learnt about Remembrance Day and made a small poppy wreath.

P.E. is gymnastics, look at the shapes David has made!

For golden time this week David chose the train set and bubbles outside. 


Autumn 2 week 1

This week we welcome a new pupil David into nest class.

We have used a sensory circuit and blow pingpong ball to start our day. In English, we have been using colour semantic to help with our sentence building. Maths, we have been looking at counting in tens, shapes and following sequences. Computing, we have looked at giving and following instructions to get from one place to another using forward, turn, and stop. During our Zones lesson to show emotions ,we made faces in a mirror, then decided which colour zone each emotion would fit, this was funny.

Marble run is a favourite golden time activity as well as the climbing wall. for wet play Orrin joined us to play pairs and snap.

Mrs Robinson, welcomes you to Nest class page.

Here you will be able to find out what we have been learning about each week, and be able to see picture of the class at work.

Mr Thomas (PE lead) is also based in the Nest classroom.

This term the focus is:

English - Literacy text 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan.

Maths - Maths NO Problem - numbers up to 10,000.

Science - Plants.

Topic - our local area , looking for lost things ( linked to english text).

P.E. - Invasion games.

Computing - touch typing, lego We Do , moving a robot.

P.S.H.E - Being me in the world.

Art - creating using natural fibres.

R.E. - Judasim. 

Music - different styles of music.

Zones - recognising our feelings and emotions.

Mindfullness and Yoga.