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PE and Sport Premium

The premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, in the 2022 or 2023 academic year. The overall aim is to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. Below is a summary of how the funding is being used in Waterside this year.

Sports Premium 2022/23


Total Allocated£9479
Extra Curricular Sports£2000
All Kids Can£4000
Outdoor Education£3289


From both our SER and SDP, we have analysed our provision from last year and marked them against the key indicators (pupil engagement, raising profile, staff confidence, experience of sport and increased participation) alongside improving pupils swimming and range of strokes.


Our pupils have accessed swimming lessons and all Y6 can swim to the expected requirement using a variety of strokes. 


Pupils have engaged in extra curricular sporting competitions, which for a school that supports SEMH pupils is a huge leap forward, with them proactively taking part in football, basketball and cricket against mainstream schools. This has led to sponsorship from a local firm for sports kits.


We have expanded staff understanding of PE (as highlighted in our Outstanding OFSTED) and staff now cover a wide range of PE including using external partners to enhance dance, adventurous sports and gymnastics.


The impact of our funding has improved staff confidence and ability, and pupils have broadened their experiences, lowered their anxieties and improved their abilities. We have measured and tracked their performance using our school tracking system O Track.

Sports Premium 2021/22

Total Allocation£9503
Various Sporting Activities£9503


Our allocation / strategy covers the following:

Key Indicator 1pupil engagement in PE
Key Indicator 2raise the profile of physical activity
Key Indicator 3increase staff confidence in PE
Key Indicator 4broaden the experience of sports offered
Key Indicator 5increase participation in sport


From our SER, we have looked at the opportunities we offer to pupils and how we can extend this. Linking it to our mental health awareness work, we are going to be taking pupils on a larger amount of school day and (for the first time) residential visits throughout the year.


We will be making use of an off-site provider who is adaptable to working with pupils of all types of SEN and using this to promote team building, resilience and self worth. Our plan - which is highlighted within our mental health work, is to build up pupils attachment resilience so that they can stay 1, 2 or 3 nights away (just like their mainstream counterparts) and gain the experience and skill set to cope with the demands of an unknown situation.


We are also engaging more with our mainstream counterparts (something that COVID-19 stopped) so that our super heroes can play against them in competitive sports.

Sports Premium Allocation 2020-21£16260

We have employed a sports specialist to cover both our internal and external sports provision for pupils right across all our provisions.

This includes specific sports interventions, use of the climbing wall to aid with de-escalation and the creation of sports leagues and clubs to help develop the social skills of our pupils.


The work designed is to support:

  • a reduction in our pupils anxieties linked to sport
  • increase the amount of physical activity in a wider range of sports 
  • increase participation in a number of out of school activities including sporting leagues with mainstream schools
  • development of innovative therapies using PE - including climbing, to support our pupils mental health and physical development
  • the swimming ability of our pupils (who have missed out on lessons due to COVID restrictions) and ensure we meet the requirements of our pupils being able to swim at least 25m in a variety of strokes and develop the ability to self rescue.


This work is being monitored closely and we will produce data to show the impact as the term progresses.