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Outreach Courses

We as a team can offer behavioural training and support at all levels.


Training offered to Greenwich schools

- LeAFE Supportive Handling (Physical Intervention) training - we are a licensed, CPD UK and RRN (Restraint Reduction Network) approved

- ECT training

- Quality Circle Time

- Classroom management

- Unstructured time (lunch, play) management

- Individual, class and whole school strategies

- Plus much much more


We are a centre of excellence for Approach Training. Approach training offers a system based on understanding and working with the natural movement of the body. This promotes a non-confrontational, pro-active and preventative approach to managing challenging behaviour by using gradual and graded interventions. It is the only physical restraint training that carries the BILD mark.


For more information regarding the above mentioned training, please contact Meic Griffiths or Neal Collard on the school's main telephone number (option 5), using the contact box below or e-mail:

Outreach Course Bookings

If you would like to book Approach training or enquire about any of our other courses, then please use the form below to make contact. We will be back to you within 48 hours.