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We had a busy week. The children really enjoyed the introduction to our science unit 'Habitats'. We spent ages in the garden looking for things that were alive, things that were dead and also things that have never lived. We managed to find plenty of spiders, ants, snails and a slug. I was very impressed when Mythias found a piece of bone and told me that this used to live. 


Sadly, we also said goodbye to Nathan. We went to the cafe for lunch and had fun thinking about all of things we had got up to in the past year. We wish him every success in his new school!



Welcome to the Nurture Class Page


Welcome to our class page, you will always be able to find out what we have been learning about here. If you have any questions or just need to talk to either Mr Walter or myself, please call the office. 


We have just started our new English topic, Goldilocks & The Three Bears. As our 'hook', PC Lockemup came to visit. He was on the hunt for a wanted person, there had been a break in at the three bears house and he needed help with the description. 


The children have all settled in well and are enjoying being back. As part of our Jigsaw PHSE, we spent some time creating a new class charter. The boys came up with some brilliant suggestions as to how we should behave, one of the most important was to be kind to ourselves! In our wider curriculum, we are looking at 'Habitats' in Science and 'Toys Now & Then' in History, we are hoping to visit Bethnal Green Toy Museum later this term. 


Goldilocks & The Three Bears