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Nurture- Spring 1 Week 1


Welcome Back - 2022


Miss Sutton, Mr Walter and I, would like to wish you all a very happy 2022. This week we have welcomed Branden and Blake to Nurture, they are a fantastic addition to the Waterside family and have worked hard to understand their new routines and make new friends this week. 


We have spent the week settling in and revisiting our class goals. Today has been a strange day, we have discovered lots of dragons around the school and then I remembered a fantastic book called 'The Dragon Machine', this will be our English focus for the half term.


As ever, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to speak to us about anything. 

Nurture - Autumn 2 Week 7


The boys have had lots of fun this week with all things festive. A big shame our gingerbread was a disaster, but it brought lots of laughs to everyone. 


Mr Walter, Miss Sutton and I would all like to wish a wonderful Christmas, a restful holiday and hopefully a more settled 2022 to follow. 

Autumn 2 - Week 6


Another busy week in Nurture. We are really enjoying our printing lessons. This week we tried string printing, it was a little messy, but lots of fun. We also made our star decorations in readiness for the Christmas Tree assembly, we particularly liked our reindeers. In R.E, we continued to learn about the Nativity Story, this week we heard about the three wise men and their visit to see King Herod. We played the True or False game to see how much of the story we could remembered. 

Autumn 2 - Week 5


The festive excitement has begun in Nurture. We had great fun making stars for our Christmas Tree assembly next week, we have also bee practicing our song, 'Twinkle, Twinkle'. We have been working hard on our 'wolves' topic. this week we were nouning wolf artefacts and creating captions for our labels. We also used 'Talk to the Hand' to help us think of questions about wolves. We have been continuing to think about our feelings with Zones of Regulation, this week Nurture won the Zones target award, this means that we have been really thinking about how we feel, what zone we are in and how this might affect others. 

The Nativity Story

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Nurture Week 4 - Autumn 2


It has been a quiet week in Nurture this week, but we have still managed to get lots of work completed. We have continued to work on our ‘Wolves’ topic, the boys created a grammar splat describing the wolf. They then wrote an interesting description of a fairy tale wolf. In science, Raheem enjoyed planting some flowers and winter vegetables in our garden: garlic, potatoes, crocus’ and onions. Mythias and Raheem also had fun acting out the Nativity story,  next week they will add the shepherds and wise men to their characters.

Nurture Week 3 - Autumn 2


This week has been Cultural Week at Waterside. We have been learning about what 'culture' means and have been enjoying lots of fun activities. On Monday, we learnt about Mexico and had fun making a weather forecast. We then spent a few days cooking, we made some delicious salsa, a bean dip and also a cucumber dip. We had fun enjoying these new foods with our friends. On Thursday we learnt about the Mexican festival 'Day of the Dead', this is a celebration where the dead are honoured. It is not a sad, it is a time of rejoicing and memories! We decorated face masks, they were pretty scary! Friday was Children in Need day, we got to dress up and had great fun learning the Mexican Hat dance with Mr Toke.

Autumn 2 - Week 2


As part of our new English topic 'Wolves', we had a special visitor in class. perhaps you may recognise him from story books. Mr Wolf has asked us to write some information booklets for him, to show the world that not everything you read about wolves is true!

A Visitor in Nurture...

Week 1 - Autumn 2


We hope that you had a great half term holiday. I am pleased to say that the boys have returned to school ready to learn! This is a busy half term for Nurture and the wider school. Today we have been making bug hotels to go in our garden, this helped us to finish off our focus on habitats and begin to focus on gardens and allotments. We are going to be growing our own winter vegetables, although they will not be ready for some time yet. 


We are also going to be learning about the birth of Jesus in the lead up to Christmas. We will  be investigating our local area in geography and hope to be able to go on visits locally to explore the neighbourhood around us. 


We will begin our new English topic next week, I don't want to spoil it for everyone, so please tune in next week for updates.!

We have been very busy in Nurture. This week, we had an unexpected visit from Goldilocks! She was ever so sorry that she had upset the bears. Luckily she missed bumping into PC Lockemup - phew! The boys spent a lot of time writing their own version of the story, they used time adverbials to help to sequence the events. 


We have been learning about technology in Computing, we had to decide whether objects were technology or not. Did you know that technology is something that is made my people to help you, a pencil is technology!


We all have separate maths mastery lessons in class, Orrin is working on multiplication and division, Raheem is now beginning to learn about column addition. Kyle and Mythias are now working on numbers to 20. All of the boys really focus in the lessons and enjoy using the resources to support their understanding. 

We had a busy week. The children really enjoyed the introduction to our science unit 'Habitats'. We spent ages in the garden looking for things that were alive, things that were dead and also things that have never lived. We managed to find plenty of spiders, ants, snails and a slug. I was very impressed when Mythias found a piece of bone and told me that this used to live. 


Sadly, we also said goodbye to Nathan. We went to the cafe for lunch and had fun thinking about all of things we had got up to in the past year. We wish him every success in his new school!



Welcome to the Nurture Class Page


Welcome to our class page, you will always be able to find out what we have been learning about here. If you have any questions or just need to talk to either Mr Walter or myself, please call the office. 


We have just started our new English topic, Goldilocks & The Three Bears. As our 'hook', PC Lockemup came to visit. He was on the hunt for a wanted person, there had been a break in at the three bears house and he needed help with the description. 


The children have all settled in well and are enjoying being back. As part of our Jigsaw PHSE, we spent some time creating a new class charter. The boys came up with some brilliant suggestions as to how we should behave, one of the most important was to be kind to ourselves! In our wider curriculum, we are looking at 'Habitats' in Science and 'Toys Now & Then' in History, we are hoping to visit Bethnal Green Toy Museum later this term. 


Goldilocks & The Three Bears