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Online Safety

Our approach...


At Waterside School, we work very hard to ensure that our Superheroes can navigate the online world as safely as possible.


We teach bespoke lessons, covering a range of related topics such as: cyber bullying, social media and online gaming.


As the online world quickly develops, we do too. We strive to ensure that our Waterside staff stay in touch with new areas. We will always take action within school to keep our Superheroes aware of potential difficulties which may arise.


Please get in touch to find out more about our approach in school and how you may support us as Superhero parents/carers. Visit the parent room for a range of resources which you can take away and use at home.


Please see below for a list of online resources to support online safety for your Superhero:

How are primary schools supporting children's online safety? | Internet Matters

Mark Bentley of London Grid for Learning gives insight on how primary schools are teaching children to be safe online. And shares views from children based on recent survey Hopes and Stream.

Social Media Guides: