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School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.


If you would like paper copies, then please do not hesitate contact the school and we will provide copies free of charge.


We provide your child with the following as part of their transition to the Waterside provision, free of charge:


  • a school fleece or jumper (your choice) and tote socks for their feet. Super heroes are expected to provide either grey/black trousers, skirt or dress ; polo top (which you can buy from school but we are happy with any plain white or blue polo top) ; black trainers or shoes. We will provide t-shirt and shorts for PE.
  • transport via the school bus (if applicable)
  • a school snack and school lunch
  • all activities including therapies and mentoring


With regards to our policies, please note that due to the development of the Federation, some of our policies will have 2 different Chair of Governor's listed. The policies are on a renewal cycle and will change to reflect the new Chair where appropriate.



As a school and member of the Imperium Federation, we have taken comprehensive steps to ensure G.D.P.R. compliance including a full audit, training and policy.


We will, under the current guidance respond to requests within the one calendar month. However, requests received during or just before school closure periods will not be able to be responded to within the one calendar month response period. This is because the school will be closed, and as such, no one will be on site to comply with the request. 


As a  result, it is unlikely that your request will be received during this time (and so the time period does not run until we have received the request). We may not be able to acknowledge your request during this time (i.e. until a time we receive the request) and the time period may not start until the school re-opens.


The school will endeavour to comply with requests as soon as possible and will keep in communication with you as far as possible. If your request is urgent, please provide your request during term times and not during or close to closure periods.