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Welcome to the Nook

Ms Stone and Mr Walter

Welcome to the Nook. The Nook is our ASD provision for super heroes with highly complex ASD needs. Why not take a look through the amazing work we are doing?

W/b 6.7.20 Tie-dye madness!!!! This week we have been working on tie-dye designs and our socks and T-shirt’s are finally finished!! Amazing work everyone!!!!!

Spread the happiness bubble day! 2-7-20! Lots of bubbly fun!!!!!

Summer 2 so far........Welcome back after our temporary closure and well done for all of your fabulous home learning!!!! This summer term 2 we have been busy already! 

Lots of work and fun sensory activities too;

Mindfulness, gardening, mental health sessions, PSHE, bubble wrap sensory fun, birthday celebrations, literacy work and amazing Maths too! Keep up the good work guys until the end of this term! 

Spring 1- PE. This half term in PE we are learning how to play golf! This week we learnt the difference between a Putter and a Chipper and how to hold a golf club properly! Well done all.

16-1-20 Someone turned 11 today!!!!! Happy birthday O. We enjoyed a surprise trip to the cafe and a surprise tea party this afternoon! We hope you had a wonderful day!!!

13-1-20 Be careful what you wish for! What might this mean? How is this linked to our literacy text Winter’s Child? Children in the Nook started off the week by making dream catchers and writing down their wishes and dreams and then a mysterious note was delivered to class..........

More drumming!

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17/12/19 Festive drumming with Ali-videos!

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17/12/19 Festive drumming session with Ali!

13/12/19 Christmas Jumper Day 2019 for Save the Children (and a festive frog too!)

12/12/19 Christmas and celebration cakes! We have been designing our Christmas and celebration cakes in D&T over the last few weeks and today we made them to take home! Lots of Christmas designs and an Isopod too! Yummy!

25-11-19 Music time. This half term we are now looking at Music express and exploring descriptive sounds in today’s lesson. We learnt a new song, added actions and percussion! Well done everyone!

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22-11-19 PE. As the weather is getting chilly we have moved our PE lessons to the hall upstairs. For the rest of this half term we are concentrating on Cricket and the skills required to play Cricket. Session 1 today saw the children exploring throwing and catching skills, before moving on to our first game, well done everyone!

W/b 11-11-19 English. Our focus this half term ( now Weslandia has come to an end) is Varmints. Over night someone crept into our class room and left the word “Varmints” on a table written in sticks! What does it mean? How did it get there? What does it remind us of? Session 1 explores the word and we listened to the sound track of the start of the story and created descriptive paragraphs for the setting. Lots of discussions, brain storming and great ideas to explore.....and we still do no not know what “ Varmints” is!

Reading Wise, or reading spies!?!??..... we have re-lauded Reading wise and the children became double agents. They had to decipher a secret code, learn a secret handshake and print their finger prints for a secret agent disguise!

W/B 4-11-19 Weslandia part 2. So week 2 of our Weslandia topic has come to an end. We had a real life Weslandia obstacle course in Pe and tried to make the flowers using the Probot robots in computing. We finished off lots of our activities and work; diary entries, flowers, bean experiments, 3D models, giant fruit, sundials, money and much more! Well done everyone. You have produced lots of great work and worked extremely hard too!

W/B 28-10-19. Weslandia- Part 1. For the first two weeks of this half term the whole school are concentrating on the story book “ Weslandia” written by Paul Fleischman. It follows the story of Wesley, a young boy who is an outcast from his civilisation and so he decides to create his own. The Nook have been very busy with lots of activities; creating their own civilisation, their own flag, their own language and money. They have started to grow their own ‘crops’ (Lima beans) and are testing the conditions to ensure maximum growth. They have also created a 3D model of Wesley in his home, have created giant fruit and giant “Swists”- Wesley’s 8 petal flowers! Stay tuned for more next week!

End of half term cake fun! Decorating cakes as a treat for reaching the end of Autumn term 1! Enjoy Mums and Dads!!

7-10-19 Music, Kenyan song number 2, Wanayama (meaning animals). Exploring more complex beats this time, layering sounds with our instruments and working together, well done everyone

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27/9/19 messy play and sensory fun! Some sensory fun today, getting messy and decorating the playground to make it bright and colourful!

20/9/19 PE. We are still enjoying our PE this half term- Boccia! We are enjoying playing 1 on 1 games and also team games. We are improving each week on our aim and targets.

Spread the Happiness day- buy a book day! As part of this spread the Happiness day the children across the school were able to choose a book of their choice to keep, to help promote reading and the joy and pleasure of reading! Thank you Mar Griffiths, we love our books in the Nook!

23/9/19 Music lesson

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We are listening to and learning Kenyan songs this term. Today we learnt the song “ Kirinyaga” which is a song about a white spotty mountain in the County of Kirinyaga. We learnt the song and discussed the beat and rhythm. We each then chose an instrument to accompany the song.

16/9/19 Spread the Happiness- international dot day! The children looked at famous artists who use dots in their work and the era of “pointillism”. They then created their own dot work with paints and even “dotted” our playground tree!

13/9/19 another surprise birthday in the Nook today! Happy birthday R!

12/9/19 Spead the Happiness! As part of our spread the Happiness focus, today was chocolate milk day! The class enjoyed testing different brands of chocolate milk shake and guessing which one they thought they were drinking!

10/9/19 Surprise party today for E!