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Welcome to the Nook 2021-2022 with Miss Stone and Miss Dodds! 

Summer 2, Week 6- The Nook enjoyed a trip to the cinema this week and milkshakes and bubble tea afterwards!

Summer 2,Week 5-Closed

Summer 2, Week 4- another great week for the Nook; investigating the parts of a plant in science, swimming, cooking rocky roads and Victoria sponge cakes, “acting” and “hot-seating" different characters from our literacy text “Sparky” in English and a fab PE lesson working with obstacles!

Bloco- Whole School carnival performance- drumming and music!

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A fantastic Day of Muisc and dance with The Bloco Workshop! Well done everyone!

Summer 2, Week 3-CREATIVE WEEK! On top of our normal sessions this week, we had lots of creative fun; making masks and headdresses, cooking and an amazing workshop with Kineta Bloco for carnival music and dance, all ending with a fantastic Carnival Feast on Friday with the whole school!

Summer 2; Week 2. Another fantastic week for the Nook- swimming, exploring the life cycle of plants in science, looking at the creation of Sikhism in RE, moving and coding sprites in computing, yoga outside in the sunshine and a brand new text for literacy- a mysterious parcel arrived and the contents was a SLOTH called Sparky!!!!

Summer 2-Week 1! Here we go for our final half term this year! We kicked the week off with our swimming session where we used Miss Stone as a human climbing frame-hehe! We explored hip-hop music in our new Music topic, focussing on the pulse and beat and adding our own instruments in, we continued with our Victorians topic and this week we looked at the lives of rich and poor Victorian children, we worked on nouns and prepositions in English, continued our fab work in Maths and relaxed with mindfulness too!

Summer 1-Week 6! A great last week of this half term. We learnt a lot about the Queen and had our own whole school 'Street Party' -pics coming soon! We also had our first 'fun' swimming session in the Nook- which we will be doing every Summer term now. In science we did a '2p shove' investigation to test the force of friction, we had a super drumming session with Ali, we looked at Christian Worship in RE, we wrote some amazing descriptive paragraphs for the setting of our Literacy Text-'Lost and Found', one of us received our special Year 6 T-shirt and generally we had lots of fun!!

Summer 1; Week 5. A week of highs and lows for us- some fantastic work by all but also we are saying goodbye to Miss Dodds as she starts her new adventure in her new career! Good luck Miss Dodds- we will all miss you!

Summer 1, Week 4! One of our Superheros did his SATS this week,he worked extremely hard throughout and the rest of the class were so thoughtful and respectful! A a group we also had a lot of fun; trip to the park, cooking, making dens, exploring magnets in Science, working on programming in Scratch, thinking about Christian worship in RE and lastly a surprise party for Miss Dodd's birthday!!!

Summer 1;Week 3! A super week!! In PSHE we continued with our relationships topic and looked at conflict solutions, we enjoyed our first session on Victorians and tried to guess the topic with the clues and evidence we were given, we enjoyed our mindfulness, we continued with our fantastic handwriting progress and we ended Friday with a super PE lesson (cricket skills) after a trip to the shop to choose a treat and to the park in the sunshine!!

Summer 1, Week 2. We started of the week our new science topic- forces and magnets, by exploring forces around us, we worked on Scratch in computing as part of our new programming topic, we enjoyed our mindfulness and had a real strong focus this week on handwriting and spellings to try and get our handwriting up to a great standard and joined! In PE we continued with our striking and fielding skills too!

Summer 1-Week1! Welcome back everyone! Its been a shorter week this week but still lots of things going on in the Nook! We have talked about roles of males and females and men and women in PSHE, we planted our potatoes,we had a trip to the park in the sunshine, we started our new 'striking and fielding' focus in PE, we relaxed in mindfulness, we thought about the tools that help us with our zones of regulation and of course did some fantastic English and Maths work too!

Spring 2-Week 6-final week of Spring Term! Amazing work this week and lots of fun too! Dynamite Dave came in from Sublime Science to do some fantastic experiments with us; we looked at the Respiratory System in Science, we did some great Maths work (some of us focused on 3D shapes), we re-told the Easter story and had some hot-cross bun tasting too! We also had an 'experience' of Eid after learning all about Ramadan this half term in RE, We prepared the food and had our own version of the festival, we did some Team games in PE, we published our own stories and we enjoyed a McDonalds breakfast and even had some Easter gifts too! Phew- what a week!!!

Spring 2-Week 5! What a 'scientastic' week we have had! Each day we carried out different experiements as it was STEM week for us here; lava lamps, exploding fountains, slime and more! We also worked as a team to create a product to sell at our school cake sale as part of STEM week. We took this very seriously and went to the shops to price up our items (each class only had a budget of £5 to spend! We decided on 'mikado and marshmellow pick n'' mix sticks!!' Our product went down a storm and we made the most profit so we won the prize of a MacDonalds breakfast! One more week to go for Spring term and we are loving the sunshine already!!!

Spring 2-Week 4! This week we kicked off with a look at the digestive system, exploring the process and the journey our food takes through our body for our science topic, we continued work on branching databases in computing-creating tree diagrams and thinking about how we can sort data, we explored Ramadan a bit deeper this week in RE, we made a start on our own versions of our Fox and the Star text in English, we enjoyed some relaxing mindfulness and were engaged in Maths all week too!

Spring 2-Week 3! 3 weeks in and what a great week it’s been; wonderful hard work in Maths and spellings,sorting healthy and unhealthy food in PSHE, retelling our “Fox and the Star” story from the perspective of Fox, writing a letter of advice to Fox to help him find his friend Star and learning to play “twinkle twinkle little star on the Glockenspiels too!

Spring 2- Week 2! This week in the Nook we have; explored the skeletal system in our new science topic, explored Islam in readiness to discover more about Ramadan next lesson, some of us continued working on “angles” in Maths and then- a mysterious woodland display appeared in class with a Fox and a star (our new literacy text this half term), we explored foxes and stars and the theme of friendship and even made our own woodland dioramas for our own Fox and star! Lastly, it was World Book day so we had lots of fun dressing up too!

Spring 2-Week 1-Welcome everyone! What a fantastic first week back in the Nook we have had! We made a start on our new topics and have had a lot of fun and laughs too! We kicked off the week with a trip to the park (after the storms passed)! We started our new topic in PSHE, “Healthy living”, our new focus in topic, “The UK and London’s”, where we explored human and physical landmarks, made a start on our new focus in PE, “Team games”, had a “grammatical term hunt” in a English, explored angles and measuring in Maths, created some great role-play scenes and acting in zones of regulation work-and were all blown away by the piano skills of one of our classmates!!! What a week!

Spring 1- Week 6! A great end to this half term; some amazing shadow work and shadow puppets in Science, continuing our fun and relaxation in the sensory room, identifying the difference between 'there', 'their' and 'they're' as a part of one of English sessions, making (secret) valentine's gifts for those we love at home, writing fantastic spellings and practising our hand-eye co-ordination in PE- have a fantastic half term everyone!!

Numbers Day 2022-The boys in the Nook had a fun Maths quiz today and won themselves a trip to the park and the Cafe! Well done!

Spring 1, Week 5. This week in the Nook they have; researched and created a poster of a Country of their own choice as part of Topic on 'Countries and Continents', they have created some more Space pictures using pastels in Art, evaluated the gardens they created for someone who faces a 'challenge' in PSHE, relaxed and chilled out in Mindfulness, made some cakes to practice living skills and had a lovely sensory 'slime' session- creating their own slime pots!!!!!

Spring 1, Weeks 1-4: Amazing work in the first 4 weeks back after Christmas-well done boys!

Welcome to 2022!

Spring 1-2022

Welcome back after Christmas and new year!

We are all looking forward to a prosperous and eventful 2022.

We have exciting things this Spring 1, half term, including;



Fantastic Poetry and SPAG to kick-off our new half term

A new Literacy Tree text- I wonder what it might be?



Continuing our hard work in our 'Maths no Problem' lessons!


Science-Light and Shadows

Topic-Countries and Continents

RE- How did the World begin? According to different Religions

PE- Net and wall games

PSHE- Challenges and difficulties

Art-Space; creating our own space pictures and diaramas using different mediums.

Computing- A focus on desktop publishing

Zones of regulation- Making progress and looking at the tools we can use for the different zones

Mental Health- continuing our weekly focus on yoga and mindfulness to help relax our bodes and minds


Looking forward to a fab half term!

Miss Stone




Autumn 2- Final week! What a fun-packed week we have had! Creating Christmas cards, eating our Christmas dinner, sewing stockings, a trip to the cafe, making gingerbread biscuits, a trip to the shop, opening our Christmas presents from Miss Stone and Miss Dodds and of course our usual fantastic hard work in Maths, English and other subjects too! Merry Christmas everyone!

Autumn 2, Week 6. A great week for the Nook! We; created our own fossils in science for our “rocks and soils” topic, sequenced and retold the Christmas story, wrote some amazing spellings, created our lists for our Christmas cards, created our Donkeys for the school Christmas Tree and we all enjoyed a hot chocolates, ice creams, and other fun surprises from our class advent calendar- I wonder what will be behind next weeks doors?!

Autumn 2, Week 5! This week we; explored some more ABBA songs in our Charanga Music session, shared and expressed feelings in PSHE about our families, explored our own feelings in Zones of regulation, created some “beaker pots” from the Beaker people in our topic session, continued our amazing spelling work, had fun in PE and made a hot choc too!

Autumn 2, Week 4! Lots of fabulous work this week; exploring properties of rocks and different types of rock in Science, creating our own stop-frame animations in Computing using the I-motion app, pretending to be “Captains” of our own boats during some drama time in English and making sure the boats we made were water-proof! Exploring the Jewish Festival of Shabbat during RE and keeping in check with our emotions in zones of regulation work too!

Autumn 2, Week 3- an amazing cultural week for Nook! This week we; made Mexican dips and salsa, Mexican masks, pan pipes, made boats for Finn in our literacy text, created great spellings, and finally all wore fancy dress on Friday!

Autumn 2, Week 2- settling in well! A new science topic this half term all about rocks and souls and we kicked it off with a “rock hunt”. A new topic in computing, all about “stop-frame animation” and we made our own flip book animation as a start to this. In RE we are now exploring Judaism and had a great first lesson looking at symbols and objects associated with the Jewish community. Some wonderful spellings and Maths as always and a new English display too!

Autumn 2- Welcome back! A great first week back here for us and straight back into our hard work and fun lessons too! This week we had a mysterious package delivered to our class that simply said 'Grandpa's stuff@. Who did it belong to? What did the evidence inside mean? Could it be linked to our new literacy text? Time will tell... We explored the new climbing wall this week too- lots of fun! We have started our new PE for the half term- our focus is Gymnastics! Some of us created cave paintings for our Stone Age topic and finally we explored what we look like in our different zones for our Zones of regulation work! Well done all!

Week 8-our final week of our first half term together! Fun-filled , lots of laughter and plenty of hard work too, as well as some Halloween fun! Keeping up the great work with our spellings, continuing our salt-dough “peace doves”, finishing our last invasion games session in PE, comparing digital devices with non-digital devices in computing (creating the same image 2 different ways) and fantastic Maths work!

Week 7- lots of fun this week. We explored Marbling inks in Art as a part of our new printing unit, we worked as a team to sequence our English book correctly and had a challenge to retell the story in under 1 minute, we made a start on creating “Peace doves” in honour of Martin Luther King as a part of Black History work, we also made traffic lights out of fruit and smarties for Garrett Morgan’s work on creating traffic lights, worked on our agility and balance skills again in PE, relaxed in mindfulness and explored how our behaviour affects others in Zones of Regulation.

Week 6- This week we have; created ‘freeze frames’ in English to help us with our writing, written some fantastic spellings, created a science investigation to explore the speed of evaporation, expressed ourselves in zones of regulation and worked on our agility skills in PE!

Week 5- lots going on again this week-exploring watercolour techniques in Art, writing diary entries and conversations as our “Stone Age Boy” character in English, writing descriptions of the Wooly Mammoth, exploring modern “evidence” in topic, relaxing in mindfulness, celebrating ourselves with our new “Charter Tree” in PSHE, exploring zones in zones of regulation, writing amazing spellings and working together in Pe! Wow!

Week 4;- Another great week! We had our new Literacy Tree Hook with mysterious footprints and paintings all over our classroom floor, continued our great work in Maths, had some home-made tomato chutney courtesy of Miss Brock from our school garden, explored digital devices in Computing, investigated different Bibles in RE and relaxed our bodies and minds with some yoga too! Busy busy!

Week 3 and another fab week! We had assessments this week so in between our hard work we had lots of other projects on the go, designing Beebot worlds for our Beebot robots, creating and designing junk models of our favourite animals and lots of play and social interaction! Alongside this we had our other lessons; PSHE focusing on things we are proud of and setting goals for the year, zones of regulation, sorting our feelings into the correct zones to identify our emotions, and PE, focusing on the fundamental skills of movement!

A brand new year and a brand new class! Lots of fantastic work and settling in really well for the new pupils in the Nook! An excellent transition for all! Here we are showing some of the things we have done so far; independent work, decorating our PE bags, finding out about Zones of regulation and playing “guess the feeling” and listening to sensory stories! We are looking forward to our year ahead!