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We work in partnership with mainstream schools to offer support through a range of strategies including:

  • Observation, assessment and early 'hands on' intervention for children and whole classes causing concern as a result of their behaivour suggesting appropriate strategies
  • Empowering staff to feel confident in working with children who are presenting a range of difficult and emotional behaviours through the sharing of practical expertise and strategies
  • Helping class teachers, SENCOs  and Inclusion Managers to write Individual Educational Plans for children they have referred to us
  • Targeted, regular, weekly, in class or withdrawn support for individual pupils or whole classes from either a Behaviour Support Teacher or Behaviour Teaching Assistant
  • Working directly with whole classes, small groups and individuals
  • Staff coaching in the area of behaviour management
  • Training for school staff in how to run Circle time (Jenny Mosley) 'Quality Circle Time Model)
  • Training and accreditation for school staff in de-escalation and safe handling procedures and practice (Approach Training)
  • Contribution to CAF (common assessment framework) TAC (team around the child) and PSP (Pastoral Support Programmes)