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Reading at Waterside

Spies are everywhere!


With our friends at Readingwise, we have embarked on a new adventure to improve our reading!


Every super hero has developed a new and secret identity ... that of a decoding spy!


This week, a brown envelope was delivered for each super hero with the words TOP SECRET emblazoned upon it.


Inside, they each found the following:


(a) an invite to their mission (if they chose to accept it), complete with a secret message written in a strange code

(b) a personalised I.D. badge 

(c) a cypher to help them unlock and decode the secret message

(d) a finger print kit

(e) a secret handshake

(f) a disguise kit

(g) two pictures of persons unknown


Alongside this, they have been issued with an individual Kindle to help them through their decoding and understanding - as well as support curriculum work every day.


What can it all mean? What is the Red Stone of Calcutta?


Keep an eye on our social media and website for further updates.

Student's enjoyed reading to our governors who came in to visit.  The students shared their favourite books as well as which books they were currently reading in class.