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Borough Letter and Vulnerable Pupils

Dear all - 

If you received or do receive a letter from the Borough regarding Vulnerable Children (especially those with social workers) attending school, please disregard. 


This letter is targeted towards children within mainstream settings not pupils who attend specialist education - which under the current guidance from the DfE and PHE states :


"Many children and young people who have an EHC plan can remain safely at home. Where the risk assessment determines a child or young person with an EHC plan will be safer at home, it may be more appropriate for them to stay at home."


We send weekly updates and risk assessments to both the Borough, Social Care and to the DfE and all have agreed that you are right to keep your super heroes at home.


If you are worried about this letter - please contact me and I will go through it with you and ensure that your social worker is aware.

Keep safe!