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Change is a good thing ... honest!

As we come towards the end of term, I have some news for you:

Mrs Shotton will be retiring next Friday after many years of amazing super hero service to Waterside. 


I am so honoured and proud to have been given the opportunity to work with this amazing teacher, who has supported me and the team through all the changes that Waterside has undergone and who has never faltered in her belief that our super heroes can and will be amazing.


Teachers do not always have the opportunity to recognise the impact that they have on the lives of their pupils and families - but I am sure you would agree with me that Mrs Shotton's legacy of no nonsense, high quality teaching and exceedingly high expectations have given our super heroes the skills and self belief to be brilliant.

Thank you so much Mrs Shotton for everything!


We know we can't replace Mrs Shotton (like all amazing teachers she is one of a kind), but we have three new members of staff joining us in September : 


Ms Smith - will be taking one of our classes in September and is an experienced and highly thought of teacher and Mr Macey - who is also an experienced teacher is also going to be taking one of our classes in September.


Why two teachers?


Well as you know, we are opening the Nook from September for pupils with highly complex ASD and Ms Stone - who is an ASD specialist, will be taking on that role. 


We also have another member of staff joining us in September, Mr McDonald.


Mr McDonald will be working between both our schools as the new SENDCo. During the first half term, you will be invited in to meet him for your annual reviews but also to get to know him and for him to support you and your family.


We understand that change can be unsettling for everyone - but as per usual, Waterside will move onwards and upwards and ensure that we are as outstanding as we have been proven to be.