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Christmas Traditions - Wales/Cymru

Every day on our staff briefing, we have played a Christmas quiz, where staff could win a £5 voucher for guessing which carol/song the lyric belongs to. From today, we have decided to do different Christmas traditions from around the world. It therefore seems fitting that Mr Griffiths would share some of his own nations traditions and language for you first.

There are many odd Christmas/New Year traditions depending where in Cymru you hark from, some are listed here. The Mari Lwyd (which is towards the bottom of that link) is VERY peculiar to Wales although you see elements of it within other cultures around the world. If you fancy going on the Mari Lwyd Walk, you can - here in London, starting at the London Welsh Centre (near King's Cross) ... if you want to learn the words to the song (it NEVER changes), I can send you a copy!

Key Vocabulary (you can pop here to Google Translate and they can say them for you) : 

Nadolig Llawen - Merry Christmas

Sion Corn - Father Christmas (or literally John Chimney Pot)

Cinio 'Dolig - Christmas Lunch

Anrheg Present

Moron Carrots

Ysgewyll Sprouts

Hosan Stocking

Eira Snow

It would be odd not to include some element of Cymru's heritage in music so please enjoy!

Llef     Suo Gan    'Dolig Diwethaf/Last Christmas    Hiwangerdd Mair       Blwyddyn Arall   Torri'n rhydd