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Closure Advice

Dear parents and carers,


You will have received a text from us to inform you that school is closed from tomorrow morning. This is following the announcement by the Prime Minister to limit movement of people. We have staff who will be unable to attend and this will put our staffing ratio's below what would make our building safe to open.


As you know, we informed you on March 11th of how we would work from home, and so from tomorrow, this now becomes active.


For tomorrow, all teaching staff will be available during school hours to answer questions and help with any issues you may have. After tomorrow, we will go to the times set in the protocol.


We have arranged delivery of an electronic Tesco shopping voucher of £25 for every family across the Federation - regardless of whether you receive free school meals or not. This is our gift to you from the school and not the government. When we have further information with regards to the Government Issued Vouchers, we will organise delivery for you.


We understand that tonight's announcement will have been scary - we are scared too, but we know that if we work together, support each other - we will be able to come out the other side and get on with our daily lives.


For this evening, keep safe and we will call you tomorrow to check in and see how you are. Together we can do this!