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Eurovision Day 2

Ok, Ok, we get it … yesterday’s lyrics were pretty easy – Michael Ball – One Step Out Of Time – our 1992 entry, came 2nd with 139 points.


We have included a YouTube link to the performance at the bottom of the email, in case you have forgotten the sheer majesty of his fist pump plus this year’s UK entrant – Michael Rice.


Well today, we have a winner from back in the day when Australia didn’t take part and when Eurovision was still enjoying the resurgence of a costume change (Bucks Fizz), camp, a live orchestra still prevailed and when countries had to perform in one of their home languages.


This cheeky number was performed by a duo – one being a three times entrant who was teamed up with a four time entrant (who is one of only four entrants to finish both in first and second place (1985 and 1996 in this case)). Although performed on the night in their native language, the reprise (when they won) was performed in several (which became a Eurovision staple for many, many years) including English. Bon Chance!


“Look at me, I’m climbing up a ladder,

And I’m half-way bound with reaching for the stars,

No, I don’t have time to swing, no time for laughter,

But a voice inside my head keeps singing loud!


La det swinge, la de rock ‘n’ roll,

La det swinge til du mister all kontroll,

Oh hi oh,

La det swinge la det rock ‘n’ roll!”



Michael Ball


Michael Rice