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Moving from Plan B to Plan A

Dear Parent ,

We received updates following the Prime Ministers announcement that England is going to move from Plan B to Plan A by January 27th.


This means:

  • From today, face coverings in classes and teaching spaces are not longer needed, but ventilation and social distancing must continue. Face coverings are to continue in corridors and communal spaces.
  • From Thursday January 27th, face coverings are no longer required in any spaces within school, but ventilation and social distancing must continue.
  • The Government will no longer require staff in other sectors to work from home after January 27th.
  • Testing is to remain in place as it has done for us throughout (staff only at Waterside).
As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will remain cautious in response to these announcements
As such, the following will remain:
  • enhanced cleaning to continue at both sites
  • fogging to be used where cases have risen
  • twice weekly testing to be done by all staff - if we have a rise in cases, as before, we will move to daily testing
  • ventilation, hygiene protocols to remain in place
  • visitor policy to remain in place

There have been no transport changes (school) announced, so at present, if  uses either school provided transport or TfL transport to come to school, a face covering must still be worn by adults and those in KS3 and above.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

As ever

Meic and the Waterside Team