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Opening Updates

Morning all!

Hope you are all ok and finally the sunshine has returned just in time for the weekend.


Wow! What a lot of changes have happened this week.


As you know, we published our draft plan to you as parents (still available below). Please remember this is a DRAFT, and was constructed without all the new guidance etc.


During this week, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) have been meeting to look at adjustments in light of the guidance being issued. We have scheduled another meeting on Monday to pick up on whatever changes have happened over the weekend.


This has been challenging as the documentation and guidance seem to change hourly.


You will have also seen how the Unions that look after everyone who works within schools, have raised lots of questions in regards to the safety of both children and staff, transport, social/healthy distancing/curriculum/ catering/ playtime etc. These are all valid points and there are a number of things we are doing to try and find solutions. Some we can try to do ourselves, but others, need the Government to move forward on - which is out of our control.


We are working closely with our partners within the Greenwich Community Schools Partnership (GCSP), the Borough and all the Unions so that we have a common approach and pathway.


We have a meeting with the GCSP on Wednesday morning and I have a meeting with the Director and other Borough officers again today (this will be my 5th with them this week).


The only concrete information I have at present is that the Prime Minister has said schools MAY open FROM June 1st - not MUST, not WILL and it is reliant on the tests on the Friday before.


Next week, we are hoping to 'meet' with you so we can answer any questions you may have ... and we are happy to do this individually or in group sessions.


A link will be posted here for you to book a time slot shortly.

If you are happy with what we've sent out so far and don't have questions - that's fine - you don't have to book a slot ... but also remember that if you change your mind - we will of course answer any questions you have!

Have a good weekend all and keep safe!