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Police Warning

We have received a warning from the Met. Police regarding a large number of sexual assaults in both Greenwich and Lewisham.

Please do take heed of the following:

There have been a number of offences which have been linked due to the similar description of the suspect and the method used in the offence.   The suspect is approaching females, the majority are aged between 11 and 14 years, and sexually assaulting them by touching them.

The Metropolitan Police is working closely with staff from Lewisham and Greenwich Local Authority to identify the suspect and to support those that have been the victim of crimes.   There is no cause for alarm but parents and children should be aware and vigilant when walking to and from school. You may wish to take additional precautions such as:

·         Try not to walk alone – find a friend to walk with
·         Do not walk down a lane or unlit road that isn’t busy with traffic or pedestrians for a short cut. Take a longer route which is safer
·         Run, yell and tell. If they are approached by someone and don’t feel safe start to run, yell loudly at the same time and head towards where there are people e.g. shops
·         Safe places include shops, schools, libraries, restaurants, take away shops, stations, bus stops where people are waiting
·         Speak to an adult they know, if they have concerns about their safety
·         Do not walk around with their headphones in and your phone out on display.
·         999 is the number to call to reach the Police in an emergency

The Metropolitan Police has released CCTV images of a man leaving the scene of the incident at Liskeard Gardens at 0954hrs on 5 October and appeal to the public to help identify him.  

We will also shortly be releasing an efit of the suspect.  Both of these images will be found on the Metropolitan Police Website.

The description of the suspect varies but some of the elements that have appeared are  White male, aged between 30 and 60, white/blonde/grey hair which is shorter at the sides and longer on top, some describe a pot belly, some describe a smell of smoke and some describe red cheeks.

One of the victims has created an efit of the suspect in this case which is attached to this letter.   This efit will be circulated in the media later this week.

While efforts to trace the person or people behind these attacks progresses, police patrols in the area have been increased.

Anyone who has information that could assist this investigation should call Greenwich or Lewisham CID by dialing 101.