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RSE - Relationships, Sex Education and Health Education - can you help?

Relationships Education, Relationships,

Sex Education and Health Education (RSE)


You may have heard about this work from the DfE (Department for Education) due to the challenges some schools have faced in other parts of the country, for example picketing outside the school gates of a number of schools in Birmingham.


You may have also seen 'information' on a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook - claiming that schools are going to have to teach this/that or the other which may or may not be true. The level of mis-information is phenomenal.


The reality is that all schools have to prepare for the requirements of the new RSE policy and curriculum in readiness to teach it by September 2020.


The Governing Board have had a full briefing on the policy and we, as a federation, have been invited to be a part of the working party within Greenwich - to help support and guide schools with this new work.

To help with this work, we'd like to invite you in to discuss the proposals, look at what the Government are actually asking of schools and help us formulate a curriculum that meets the needs of both our current pupils and those to come.


If you would like to come and find out more and help shape this work, I will be hosting a meeting at 2pm on Wednesday November 6th.


If you have any questions - do not hesitate to ask :)