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School Closed - Friday March 2nd

Dear parents and super heroes,


We are really sorry but we have to close tomorrow Friday March 2nd.

 This is due to a number of factors:


 1. Transport are unable to guarantee a pick up and drop off tomorrow due to both the weather and side roads not being treated. This is out of our control.


 2. Our meals are catered elsewhere and bused to the school. We have no control over if the kitchens are open and if they will be able to provide school lunch.


 3. We, along with other schools, have received notification that there is significant snow fall over night - which will cause major disruption.


4. Most of the staff are currently unable to get to the school - including those using public transport due to reduced services.


We thought that by making the decision in advance, we are giving you the opportunity to make appropriate child care choices for tomorrow.


The weather is due to change dramatically on Saturday and we are planning to open as normal on Monday.


 Apologies for the inconvenience but we have to ensure that we are all safe.