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School Uniform

School Uniform for September:

Following lengthy discussions with our super heroes - who lastyear only wanted a magnetic badge to say they were a WatersideSuper Hero - they would like to wear our school uniform with anembroidered badge on it.

This is a huge shift as it shows how proud our super heroes are tobe a part of our school.

We'd like to offer all parents the opportunity to purchase aWaterside Fleece (just like the ones the staff wear) with the schoolbadge on it.

The fleece cost £11 and are extremely good quality.

Our current uniform which consists of:

Blue or white polo shirt
Grey or black trousers
Black shoes or trainers
Blue jumper

remains the same - but we would like to replace the jumper with afleece. This isn't mandatory - if you want your super hero to wear ajumper, that is fine and dandy - we just think that a fleece hasmore use (especially coming towards the winter months) than ajumper.

Click/tap here - so that you don't have to rely on your super hero toremember to bring home the letter or bring it back!