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Spread the Happiness Families

We are looking for 100 Spread The Happiness families to take the Summer 2017 Happiness Award - Could it be your family?


What do you have to do to achieve the award?...


...Complete 30 of the 50 "Things to do this Summer" to get a certificate to say your family is a Happy Family!


(Share your evidence on FB or Twitter.)


...Complete ALL 50 things then you will win an exclusive Spread The Happiness Bag.


"Let's create a summer to remember." - #50thingstodo2017


How do i get a list of the 50 things to do?
We have included it here for you on this posting!

Want to apply?
(It's so easy)
Send your family name and location ie. Town or City by ....

  1. Text: +44789453369
  2. Email: or click the button below.

You will then receive a Facebook group link to join our private group in which your family can share evidence or blog about your challenges.

You will also receive our Twitter details so you can tweet your evidence to us - it's your choice how you want to share.


Come on ... you know you want to!