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Updates before the Bank Holiday

Morning all,

Ridiculously, we are entering another Bank Holiday weekend - but every day has felt (even though we have been working) like a Bank Holiday!


As you know, the Prime Minister is announcing the results of the 5 tests next Friday. Until that announcement, any plans we made are on hold.


We have been in discussions with school Unions, the DfE (Department for Education), PHE (Public Health England), the Borough (who released a statement on Twitter last night) and Heads both within the Greenwich Community Schools Partnership and beyond.


We have submitted draft risk assessments to the Governing Board and to the Borough, who in turn are sharing them with unions.


All our plans - and we shared our initial planning with you a few weeks ago, are still in draft - as every day new guidance comes along, and we have to alter, remove or completely re - write.


As soon as the Prime Minister has made his announcement, the team will decide on our next steps forward and we will let you know asap.

For your peace of mind, the Borough has created an joint INSET for Monday June 1st - so we would not return children on that day - as we would be preparing for whichever plan we are going to follow.


Have a great weekend!