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Dear Super Hero Parent/Guardian/Carer,

Thank you for your continued support and patience during, what must seem, to be another round of confusion and uncertainty for you all.


So that we can make this as easy for you all, please see below:


  • Both Waterside and King’s Oak schools are open to pupils as usual tomorrow
  • Transport will pick up and drop off as usual – though please ensure that your child wears a face covering when getting onto transport
  • Unless circumstances change, we will continue to provide face to face, in school education as usual
  • If you child would be more comfortable wearing a face covering whilst in class, they are welcome to do so
  • We will continue with our strict hygiene protocols as before
  • We should be offering LFT (the rapid testing) to all in King’s Oak this week and Waterside shortly afterwards. Parents at King’s Oak have received an electronic form to give permission for this to go ahead. Please contact us if you haven’t received it (it should be in the Parent Mail App and your in-box)

If you chose to keep your child at home – that is fine with us too. We will not force you to return your child, but for logistics we do need your help so:


  • If you chose to keep at home, they will have to remain at home for the entire week – you cannot pick and choose which days you wish to send them in.
  • This is so that staff can provide education ; catering are able to support with food boxes (where needed) ; transport are able to be consistent with pick up and drop off – which supports test/trace.
  • We will work with you to help return your child to school when you are happy to do so.
  • If you chose to keep your child at home, please notify Jill (at King’s Oak) or Neal (at Waterside) immediately, so we can alter transport and ensure that your child receives their education immediately.


We also need you to continue to be honest about any infections that are in your home – COVID-19 and others (such as coughs, colds etc) as we need to try (as we have done since March) to keep any infections out of the building so that we are not flooding the health service.


If you have any questions, then please direct them to me so that I can help get the answers and support you need,

As ever – keep safe