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Waterside and Moatbridge - a letter from our Chair of Governor

24th November 2017


Dear Parents,


I know how pleased you are with the care, support and education provided by the staff at Waterside for your child under the leadership of our inspiring headteacher, Meic Griffiths.


We can’t keep him a secret, and his skills are in great demand by others! Having made sure that we are not going to lose him, we have agreed that he will take on the task of helping our “sister” school, Moatbridge, to progress in a similar way to that which we have seen at Waterside.


Despite this added responsibility, I want to assure you that Meic will continue to be our headteacher and be available to give you his attention whenever you require it.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for the support you give to the dedicated staff at Waterside, and how much this is appreciated by us.



Yours faithfully,


Roy Moore

Chair of Governors