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Waterside Upgrade!

There will be several big changes to Waterside over the coming months:


  • We will be fitting brand new, state of the art doors throughout the building - thanks to the Borough, so that we can ensure the safety of each and every super hero;
  • The entire building is going to be re-decorated from top to bottom -  including new floors, cameras and fully painted rooms, ensuring that Waterside sparkles!;
  • We will be relocating our Prevent provision (we currently host our exclusion provision at the Gordon site), so that it will be in-house, enabling us to work with those pupils who have been excluded from their main stream primary;
  • We will be offering a new Nurture provision, adding to the one already offered by the Borough, so that we can support pupils at an earlier stage;
  • We are altering our curriculum to provide the very best, holistic and child centred provision we possibly can - catering for each and every individual super hero;
  • We will be offering a wide ranger of therapies including music, play and cognitive as well as mentoring pupils on a one-to-one basis;
  • We will be offering family therapy sessions to help support families in crisis in our newly developed therapy rooms;
  • We will be offering a wider variety of training - using our expertise in behaviour/conduct management, so that we can support our colleagues both within and outside of the Borough.


As you can appreciate, all of the changes will have an impact on the building as the works will be carried out during term time - so we apologise in advance for any disruption caused, but in the long term, this work will ensure that we can provide every super hero with the care and support that they need in order to move forward in the learning.