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Weather Warning! What will happen with the snow?

Morning everyone!


As you are well aware, we are forecasted to receive significant artic conditions this week, in particular this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

Firstly, can you ensure that your super hero is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions ... we don't want anyone complaining that they have frost bite!

As part of our Critical Incident Response the following will happen:

We will inform you via Class Dojo, Twitter and website if we have to close the school. Please ensure you keep an eye on these as this will be the first and quickest method we have to tell you what is happening.
Weather and news channels will be monitored throughout the day to ensure that transport information is as accurate as possible.
• School Bus Company are in control of how and when our superheroes are picked up. We will be keeping in touch with them throughout the day to ensure that we know of any changes. We will let you know asap.
If we have to close school tomorrow morning, we will post it on the website, Dojo and twitter. Please look from 7am onwards.
Throughout the potential closure, we will be in contact via Dojo,the website and twitter to let you know when we can re-open.Please remember - we will not close the school unless it is absolutely necessary.
• Please ensure you are safe!