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Wow - day 2 and so far we are on a roll!


A huge welcome to our families old and new to Waterside. We hope that you have had a great Summer break and are now thankful that we have taken your delicious super heroes off your hands for a large part of the day :)


For new parents, we use Dojo to communicate quickly with you - either via messenger or via this story link. We also post this on our website and via Twitter so hopefully you will be fully up to date.


In case you don't know - Waterside founded the Imperium Federation - taking over it's secondary equivalent, Moatbridge during the Summer holiday. 


Moatbridge ceased to exist on Monday, and transformed into King's Oak. You can check out their new website here  and don't forget to check out Waterside's at

Over the coming weeks there are lots of opportunities for you, as super hero parents to come and play with us - so check out the school calendar on the website.


One thing that is coming us is a parent choir. Yep, we can see you already looking at your feet and ignoring it! Greenwich Parent Voice have asked us to help form a parent choir, giving parents of SEN children around the borough a chance to get together, sing, chat and make new links.


Details will be sent out soon via our parental engagement team - so keep an eye out - we know that some of you have amazing voices ... and it doesn't matter if you haven't - just come and sing!


If you have any questions, need to vent - then give Meic, Neal or any of the staff a shout and they will be happy to help.


Can't wait to see how amazing our super heroes are going to be this year!