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World Book Day March 1st

It's World Book Day next week and as you know, our focus is on reading and enjoying books.


We will be focusing on two authors...Tom Fletcher and Clare Balding.

Tom Fletcher has written a book called "The Creakers" whilst Clare Balding has written a book based on animals but giving them human characteristics.


Mrs Shotton is going to read "The Creakers" to the entire school - including Nurture and nest throughout the week.


For our dressing up theme on the day...we'd like our super heroes to come dressed as either an animal or come in their school uniform  -  both link to the books above, as in The Creakers the world is upside down and back to front (so we will be reversing our uniform - wearing tops backwards etc) or as in the Clare Balding book, everyone is an animal.


The entire day will have reading and creative activities and should be an amazing day.


We will be giving out the World Book Vouchers on Friday so that our super heroes have an opportunity to purchase books.


The biggest question to answer is ... what will the staff look like on the day?!?!